Thursday, April 7, 2011



A flick of the finger
A pop on the screen
Three years more ago
All burst forth to be seen
Too many to cite but
There in April they were
RB and WW and Marie Elena for sure
Barbara and Amy and Chev now in new name
Sharon, Linda and Sara both M and of course V
A word drenched street
Filled with the passion, poets and art
Soaked that April in sentiment musing the heart

Happy poetry month to all!

Hello to Laurie, my NaNoWriMo November buddy... Yes, you and Claudsy, and Janet and so many others were there a community that just kept growing... if I ommitted you in first thing in the morning poem... just consider it an April Fool from an April Fool :)

2011-04-01 DAY 1 – POEM 1- How Did I Get Here?
How did I get here
From where did I come
Was I somewhere before
Or just wispy flotsam?

Is all connected
a grand tapestry
woven of each singular
thread into living shimmered majesty

Or is it all random
Could I have been this or that
A bent willow weeping or a
Sleepy eyed cat?

Or perhaps I might never have
Come here at all
Remained stuck in neutral
In some cosmic stall

I have no idea how I got here
At all, although of course
The tale of the egg
and the swimmers was clear
its magic made no more sense
than flying storks or cabbage patch glory
I’ve a sneaky suspicion that only at the end of it all
Will I know the whole story

Until that day comes and I am in no hurry
I shall ponder and wonder, be open to all, and not worry

What got me here
Or even what here means to me
Open heart, open minded, relaxed I’ll just try to be…

2011-04-01 – DAY 1 – POEM 2 - Circles

What got me here
is the question
the question I see
Floating above me as
clear as can be
As clear as can be
What got me here that
is the mark I must beat
But as I walk
quiet round halls in
soft slippered feet
I know not where I am
or when me I will meet

2011-04-01 DAY 1 – POEM 3 - What Did Get Me Here?

Two teens in August
wrapped in the edge of the surf
Lancaster pounding
(14 words)

2011-04-02 DAY 2 -- PROMPT- A POST-CARD

DAY 2 – POEM 1
Here I am
forever young dancing
on white sands forever
beneath wrinkling toes

2011-04-02 DAY 2- POEM 2

On a memoir likened edge
Wind blowing cold stinging cheek up on the top
Please receive before I drop

2011-04-02 DAY 2 – POEM 3

Turquoise agate water shimmers in
Perfume air drifts on iguana emerald back
Blinking in the unreality of the here
Without you


2011-04-03 POEM 1 - There without me

Far less words rushing
Unasked for into varied people's ears
Far more tears unshed in salted water coffers

2011-04-03 DAY 3 POEM 2 -Artists Paused

She was eighteen and would have started college
or slung her camera on her shoulder, her beret
on her head and traveled the world, smiling in
that bright white flash she had
He was nineteen and would have finished college or
walked from his parents' home and business, rolled canvas
under his arm, paints and black tee shirts in his duffle
he'd smoke in the perfect light of Paris or Tuscanny
scented with turpentine
She would pause one day in the darkroom
and he stop midstroke and smile in fleeting thought
of each other and the innocents they had been
before they journeyed, afar, alone, abroad
their passion ignited and alive in their work
Not their child


2011-04-04 DAY 4 – POEM 1 - Depressed

Through a veil of gray
dawns and dims each passing day
interested in nothing
(11 words)

2011-04-04 DAY 4 – POEM 2 - Happy Little Idiot

Papa used to say
show me a man
who smiles ALL
the day
and I'll show
you a schmuck

2011-04-04 DAY 4 POEM 3 - Middling Ones

Does not go up too far
or down too low
stays on the line
plane perfectly balanced
as they go

2011-04-04 DAY 4 POEM 4 - Mothers Of Grown Children

Hold their opines to this or that
Focus on the mundane, like not getting fat

2011-04-04 DAY 4 POEM 4 - Editor Of Poetry Site

Come up with a prompt each day
Stand and watch as poets play
Poking sometimes by and by
A little fun but watch the eye

(Thank you Robert!)

2011-04-04 DAY 4 – POEM 5 - Lovers

Drowned in eyes, ears, touch of tongue on teeth
In the possible " all" they dance beneath
Fingers twined pulse as one
Sure that never this, no one felt this... not a one
(29 words)

2011-04-04 DAY 4 POEM 5 - Teachers

Rise and shine
Look and live for
the light the sparkle
that they somehow did ignite

2011-04-04 DAY 4 POEM 6 - The Young Man On The Corner With A Spoon

The young man on the corner
Holds his spoon
Against his thigh
Tapping gently
To his own tune

2011-04-04 DAY 4 POEM 7 - The Morning Phone Caller

He calls in the morning filled
with good intentions galore
and I stop writing more...

2011-04-04 DAY 4 POEM 8 - The Boy-friend In A Father's Eye

all hands
on and

2011-04-04 DAY 4 POEM 9 - The Uncomfortable Self

The uncomfortable self
is not noble at all
the uncomfortable self does not stand very tall
nor view the world with the kind smiling eye
the uncomfortable self's
not a very nice guy
The uncomfortable self
wants what it wants when it wants it
its blood rises and boils at the slightest bit
The uncomfortable self
is not noble at all
the uncomfortable self does not stand very tall
And when it appears
and will not leave on its own accord
Smack yourself in the head and bring comfort aboard
For sometimes all we ever do need
Is a good self-smack to get righted in thought, action and deed

2011-04-04 DAY 4 POEM 10 - The Kindergartener

The smile spreads from ear to ear
Lunch box shining in September's first year
A skip to the step
A hop skip and a jump
Through the big doors
Heart going thump

2011-04-04 DAY 4 POEM 11 - The Anxious Flyer

On the aisle sitting there
Icy hands in clasped in prayer
Lift off yet to begin

2011-04-04 DAY 4 POEM 12 - Pretty Girl

Sashay of hip along the shore
in her bikini, flips her hair
as tide tickles her toes and she tickles much more

2011-04-04 DAY 4 POEM 13 - The Nuns In The Park

I was but three
when I saw them walk
under an arbor in a Brooklyn park
chestnut blossoms white fluttered
down around on ebon shoulders and eyes clear brown
to me a glance of deepest calm did they give
and defined forever contemplative
(40 words)

2011-04-04 DAY 4 POEM 14 - The Salty Fireman

At eighteen on a very hot dog day walked by the firehouse
as wet shirted, hero to me, firemen washed their fire truck
walked by short skirted, long hair swinging, smiled, face a flush
as one fireman...A FIREMAN mind you cried out implying he wanted to f--k

I would like to reverse that walk
and never hear from a FIREMAN that kind of talk

(Ah to be 18 again...or not)

2011-04-04 DAY 4 POEM 15 - Poet Who Scans To Find Her Name

Who would do such a thing
A combination of crass, self-involved and neediest of needing
The skim that looks to find what has been said and does praise sing
Who? Who? Would do such a thing?

And now…… (appreciation for fellow poet’s comments)

Thanks to RC and thanks for the great word grinagog
Jerry …. Mhmm who is channeling whom that is the question …. lol
Debra E. glad you enjoyed depressed
Nancy J. thanks for the support
Robert thanks for the early morning encouragement
Linda thanks for the mention of Middlings glad you enjoyed
Miskmask thanks for the ‘go girl’ fun!
Patricia – thanks and great way of likening depression to a tooth-ache!
Joy thank you – prolific perhaps today – but really just having fun 
Joseph – thank you, for taking the time to mention
Marcia – thank you happy you enjoyed Teachers… that is what it’s all about isn’t it?
PSC – Thanks glad you liked The Editor and In The Father’s Eye… promise I am not Walt and he is not me :)
Kerry – Thank you I had no idea where The Man With The Spoon came from!  and thank you for enjoying the little kindergartener  Love that you wanted to hug this “creature”

Please forgive me if I missed anyone but of course I am certainly not one who would actually look for my own name and just found these incidentally in reading... something like finding "those" pictures in Playboy while reading the articles…...

2011-04-04 DAY 4 POEM 16 – The Type of Person Who Is Part of the PA Community

Look at what has transpired here today
Who cannot be awed and inspired... let them so say!

Good night to all and thank you for a wonderful shimmering mirage of life...

Here is one to us all! TO THE.....
(what followed here were snippets of poet’s work from the day…not included here as they were not properly cited)


2011-04-05 DAY 5 POEM 1 – Goofy Taken To Cedar Sinai Hospital

It is with regret
to report that
has been taken
to Cedar Sinai
hospital after
a random shooting
with long time associate
white glove found
at the scene
along with drug paraphernalia
details as they emerge
in what appears to be a
tragic ending for two icons

2011-04-05 DAY 5 POEM 2 - ittle Girl

She has the weight
of the world on
her shoulders it seems
sighing heavily in
her three year-old-dreams

2011-04-05 DAY 5 POEM 3 –That Grin

Lop-sided off his face
it slides toward
the giant sneakers
in which his thirteen-year-old
feet somehow glide
goofy grin
does not match skateboarded
serious feet
as he soars at his invented mete

2011-04-05 DAY 5 POEM 4 - Investigation Ongoing On Goofy Shooting

In a related story
it seems that a
motive has been established
LAPD is searching
for missing Micky Mouse
1950's star of film, print and TV
it is now reported that he may
be armed with a shotgun
reported missing from the
home of a Mr. E. Fudd

2011-04-05 DAY 5 POEM 5 - For Never A Goofy Girl

Never was a goofy girl out of place
Alongside all I knew
Told of children shoved to die in ovens
No Hansel. Gretel fable
Children starving in China because
of food left on my plate at table
We were to fear The Russians
Though they were my grandfather's family
So it was The Bomb they feared
Although we were the ones that launched one first
Did not seem fair at all to me
As they put a dog tag on my neck
On a chain cold underneath my shirt
From time to time we'd all get down
And hide underneath our desks
Watch for flying glass
That would shower us all
Duck so we would not get hurt
Think of children gone in ovens
And starving screaming far away
When recess time arrived
Being goofy was not seemly play

2011-04-05 DAY 5 POEM 6 - Breaking News

An earlier report that Minnie Mouse
fifties film star seems to be in error
Ms. Mouse spoke with Barbara Walters
calling into The View
for an exclusive interview
in strong although wavering
signature voice Ms. Mouse
announced from her Bel Aire mansion
that she has retained Raoul Felder and
plans to sue

2011-04-05 DAY 5 POEM 7 - First You Get Goofy

They got the news on one of those late hot Julys
The whole family there in plush icy offices
Smiling with teeth and ten staring skeleton eyes
Watching the door for the coming coat of white
Who came in films under an arm
and said something was not quite right
Smiling as though a family he was not about to rip assunder with harm
A simple error, said he, syllables beyond their wildest belief
pierced the thick shield of ragged collective incipient grief
It happens - just a block in a bile duct the endoscopy clear
No pancreatic cancer here!
As all in concert felt in that icy room the heat thaw through their fear
Mother to son, brother to sister
all to the father/husband center stage sitting a thrust upon starring role mister
Center stage black hair gleam against his barely lined face
yellowed, graying as eggs left too long to age

The air stopped,
each particle
between tears
and cheers
and then together
they all
got goofy -

Six footed brother pointed a toe
and piroutted like a ballet - Why? To this day no one did know
Daughter circle shimmied round her father's chair, kicked up her heel
and pinched herself again and again, pinched herself real

In that plush office they shouted up to the heavens beyond the ceiling did they call
"That folks is all! That folks is all!"
Laughed, and shouted correctly this time again
"Tha...Tha... Tha... THAT'S ALL!"
Then helped their reprieved guy to his feet
shook the docs hand, yes it had been their pleasure to meet
Jabbed the elevator button and giggling quietly falling into one another
Once alone inside as when he was ten fart noises made the attorney brother
Alone together the still until then mother
stuck her tongue out - and they all stuck out their tongues grinning one after the other
So when the doors did open they were flushed and colored high
And stricken beyond despair to see
the having-run-down-six-floors to catch them doctor
waiting there
this time the correct films under his arm
death in hand, tear in steel granite eyes did he bear

2011-04-05 DAY 5 POEM 8 - August Dying

They sat in the still sun bright August room
white sheets upon his bed
crisp in the sun light that seemed
incongrous for him cologned against
his pillows knife creased pajamas lying
against his splayed fingertips
As he looked at his progeny and smiled
and ready all orchestrated closed his eyes.
A moment passed and then another
A jay called outside
Oxygen whooshed
The two year old in mother's arms stirred
And was shushed
the daughter on the bed covered one hand
the son sat on the other edge and covered the other
Together they sang ... Phantom ... The Night...
His face was calm
The song ended
Moments passed, the two-year-old needed to eat said she
A ten-year-old whispered "when?"
The son got up to pee
The daughter's leg began to cramp sitting as a child on knees
The grandmother stared, bit her bottom lip hard enough to bleed and fled
Half hour later he opened his eyes scanned room for the culprit and said
Am I still here, and not yet dead?
(153 words)

2011-04-05 DAY 5 POEM 9 - The Goofiest Joke Of All

Would it not be great
If all the consequences of violence
natural and human-kind hate
was just some sort of Universal
goofy global poke
to waken all the sleeping folk

DAY 6 PROMPT – DON’T _________ __________

2011-04-06 DAY 6 POEM 1 - Don't Look Back

Don't look back
The road ribbons ahead
What lies behind flattened
On the highway so much
Road- kill still and dead

2011-04-06 DAY 6 POEM 2 - Don't Rhyme Always

Don't rhyme all the time
Especially in haiku
Not appropriate

2011-04-07 DAY 6 POEM 3 – Don’t Turn Away

Even if it burns your eyes
and bile rises in your throat
even if you doubt there is
a single thing you can do
Don't turn away
Look, see and remember
If you can point the
way to others
If it is over repeat what you
have seen
You will be able to
If and only if
Do not
Look Away

2011-04-07 DAY 6 POEM 4 - Don't Keep Silent

You have the power
Of speech unique
Among species to
Relate, intimately,
Descriptively, the
Entire scope of perception,
Thought, and action,
Imagine, Ponder, Act
Shout, whisper, scream,
Implore, plead, demand
Ask, beg, sing,
Speak in any way
Each according to
The circumstance
It is the Universal mandate
For humanity's gift
Don't Stay Silent

2011-04-07 DAY 6 POEM 5 - Don't Stay Awake

The greatest poem ever read
Is not springing now from this head
As you lie upon your bed
Don't stay awake

( sweet dreams all...)


2011-04-07 DAY 7 POEM 1 - What If Pigs Really Flew

If pigs really flew
then what would you do

2011-04-07 DAY 7 POEM 2 - What If Oswald Had Sneezed

What if Oswald, that infamous Lee
Has sneezed or seized and misfired
How might the unspooling ribbon of history

2011-04-07 DAY 7 POEM 3 - What If Hitler's Mother Had A Headache

What sometime in that July
The synonymous frau had turned
Away, nein my dear please not today

2011-04-07 DAY 7 POEM 4 - What If That Novel Really Did Sell

What if that novel really did sell
What if all did know you well
After so long waiting for the shoe that now fell
What if it were simply calmly, merely, swell
(34 words)

2011-04-07 DAY 7 POEM 5 - What If I Read Before I Wrote

What if I read before I wrote?
Just relaxed and sat where I do sit
Saw Andrew's take on yesterday's spam*
Michael's path so divinely lit
Bruce's hubris and vulnerable Fuchushima
Daniel's Buddah birthday thema
Debra's yesterday's perhaps surreal dreama
What if I read before I wrote?
What if Robin had had a non furry bro or sis or two
What about RC's added syllable and deleted line down haiku?
What if Lori's surprise did not fall?
What if I read before I wrote at all?
Read Marie Elena's " Internet" and those she mused never met
MB's reflections on eternity and grace
Hannah, Hannah's sweet sun and the very air's musical dancing face

What if I before I wrote I read?
I think I'd never get out of bed!
With all these and more and Robert's possum dead!

(*The mentioned poets and work are all contributors to Poetic Asides)

DAY 7 POEM 5 – What if there was a PAA

What if there was a PAA
From reading writing and commenting
What if?
Would I really drag myself away?

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