Friday, April 22, 2011

DAY 22 - PA PROMPT- ONE OF A KIND - POEM 4. - Mean Kids

No one is like you
Not at all
There is no sense looking
Behind us up and down
the hall
No one is like you
Do you not understand ?
You will never be like us
Will never carry a football
Across a touch down line
Will never wear a new outfit and feel fine
No one is like you
Do you not see
That you are hideously
One of a kind
And shunned and bullied
Your destiny


  1. This is so sad and reminds me of the hideousness of bullies in our schools. You wrote this so well and it does hurt.

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  2. Thank you Judy - important to remember that for most " kids" being one of the same and NOT nod of a kind is desired....of course this is where parenting and good role models come in.... Of course there are just too much " bullying" that is still accepted as a " normal" part of childhood

  3. Pearl Girl, this is a potent reminder of the bullying in schools. They are usually echoing their parents (if it's a gay kid, especially, or a Jewish or Muslim kin) or reflecting their own treatment at home (generally meanness and punching).

    We need yoga in schools. Deep breathing. And we need to teach kids that one should never run out of words, especially kind ones, because those are the words we want spoken to us.

    This is an excellent piece because it combines elegant form with a message that's worth hearing and sharing. Love, Amy

  4. What a nice twits on uniqueness. Yes, in practice, sometimes it becomes a bit of a double-edged sword. Love the way you used "hideous" to convey the hate that comes with a perception of uniqueness.

  5. Thank you Agnija....I believe we must be taught to appreciate the value of uniqueness....

  6. Thanks Amy... Know we think alike on such issues! Glad that you enjoyed sorry it still carries any relevance in today's world. Peace and Love:)