Sunday, May 29, 2011


Long ago in tight
bodied bliss
licked the length
of muscled thigh
to long passion tensed toes
brushed with golden hair
Up to eyes
blazing blue fire
in the soft turquoise air

Years melted in distanced longing
until this postponed later day

Finally - flying
held in soft parchment skin
tongue tracing legs gone thin
and tracked with geographic navy
from thigh to curled arthritic toes
stringed with white wild hair
Up to eyes glowing pale cataract blue
banked fire blazing
in the soft turquoise air

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Infant Future From A to Z and more  in 10x10*

All babes-born calm delight-eye-full gifted
him-her in jeweled kaleidoscopic light
moving nimbus of purpled quilted rain
sparkling-sanded turquoise under-visioned 
water-wafting xylophoned-chimes-into
zone-unlimited-sight.  All babes-born calm 
drizzle-dipped-desires each flowing-forward
guided-gifted holding in-each joyed
kick lazing moon notes of peaceful-purpose-
prioritization quilted rising

 *an alphabet +form in the newly created big 10 style
Wouldn't it be nice if an inborn trait for peace was actualized in each newly born infant....   

Friday, May 27, 2011

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As I am fond and always to people say

The hemorrhoid on your behind

Is more pressing than another's heart surgery

Although you might fervently wish it another way


This does not mean

Nor should it imply

That for the pain of another

Your own heart can and will often cry

Dedicated to those this morning who are horror and awe struck at the devastation in the Midwest and concurrently perhaps a bit humanly guilty at involvement with their own relatively insignificant concerns.


Walking talking

having fun

how to handle or

shun a gun

Laughing, loving

being kind

Knowing when mischief is okay

and when to mind

Off to learn at home or school

Hearing and living by the Golden Rule

Learning that one can if one must give and take a punch

And that the giving and taking of violence is not as natural as eating lunch

Listening and speaking and forming an opinion that is ones own

Blossoming from the seeds that were sown or from others


Growing up and out in the places that are expected

Feeling heat and stirrings in areas never quite projected

Stirring, settling, riding the coaster up and down

Whirling on the emotional merry-go-round

To the music of a billion chorded sound -

As the solo-song of your self-hood forms forward bound


Hanging on the precipice perhaps by a hand or a toe

Realizing with blazing clarity what is "right" what you now know, you know

stunningly without finger wagging, nagging, cajoling, or another voice

simply and certainly somehow, amazingly, in your own found morality rejoice


There is much more to see

in "priorities" enormity

Yet at the moment in simplicity

It distills from sweet milk to empathy


Shaking off the numbing dread

that before long the sands will run

and one will be dead

And what one is to do when one can clearly see

The staggering array of possibility

Leading back to the importance of PRIORITY

Of course arranging, figuring, weighing this, that, when, and where

Can quickly devour the time that is afforded while you


On a night like any other shadows dipped and danced and played

as his body stripped itself of cloth and laid

upon her

tearing flesh in unholy congress upon her bed for him freshly made

tasting salted sweat his hand hard against her bloodied teeth

On that night like any other when shadows dipped and danced and played

Minutes pounded into hours, over, under, back front and side

No need of the hand that held her, had been years since she had cried

Transport the pain above push it toward the ceiling up and high and out

On an night like any other suddenly a change as the door opened slipping in a softly 

whispered shout

'Mommy? What is happening? Why are you fighting on the bed here in the night?'

He did not even look toward the sound kept pounding with reinvigored might

Came closer to the bed, the tiny child, of no more than just turned three

Head resting near his mother's face eyes locked confused, what could this strangeness 


Frantically, mother telegraphed the child with her eyes to go back to his bed

To slip beneath his covers feel her kiss and evaporate his blackened dread

Of course that did not happen

The child did not move away

His face began that sliding scrunch that gave the coming tears away

'Get outta' here the sweated head atop the unstoppable body hissed into the air

Spittled rage spraying her, face, bare breast, mucous dangling in her hair

And on that night like any other with shadows dancing dipped and then

As he rolled extricating himself from her body, to grip the child standing there in fear

There was a singular, crystalized choice and she reached for the under there

From beneath the mattress where long ago she had it hid

She reached and felt with twisted finger that knife that waited her to bid

In that night like any other in the shadow dip, dance and play

Smiling coy as a virgin, up at him with blood streaked mouth she asked a little more 

for him to stay

And in that night, in quiet, with that gentle smile upon her lip

She opened her arms to hold the man and into his heart the knife did slip

On a night unlike any other, the man slumped quiet on his side

Filled the room with gurgles as she held the boy's tiny hand, 'Only a game' she said 

and watched as sleepiness fill where he would have cried

A night like no other she pulled the blanket up around the slack jawed man, and in 

that resurrected room of life, surprised, by a choice he thought she'd never make, she 

listened to the peacefulness as finally the man she had loved died.


Keep the family

never let it break in two

wear turtle necks in summer

and never to a soul let on the

why, the where, the who

Keep the family

never let it break in two

Bruises fade, bones will eventually heal straight

But a child deprived of a fantasied good father

Will grow to be filled with vengeful or imitated hate

Keep the family

never let it break in two

even when the choice is between the family and you


Give it up, save it

Put it in a jar

Silly thought

silly girl on this night afar

Give it up, save it

Fallacious priority

Virginity is not tangible

Not something anyone will either miss or see


Sitting there in perfumed air

counting blessings as they flew

a family that loved her, a sparkling future due

The boy had come and gone, one of the tourists passing by

Her hand passes on her still flat belly as she imagines life scheduled to die

A collection of cells, nothing much more than that, a passage of some tissue, her ticket 

to all that was to be

Except for a tiny glitch, floating under that frangipangi tree

As petals fall on shoulders, fragrant, fragile in the sweet night air,

she is struck and stuck on the fact, that once she was that tiny unfelt possibility,


There are those that think

that decisions can be made

on yellow paper


A tiny ball of fluff appears outside the door

Bringing the destruction of the perfection of the clean floor

The floor that shines with lemon wax, glowing clean of dust and hair

The only responsibility in a life, suddenly gone spare

A tiny ball of fluff appears outside the door

Let it in, and dull the floors, with responsibility and love once more



In the esoteric world
of all things mighty
woke holding his hand

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dear Readers....

I am working with a new "Mac" computer and thought I had learned how to add photos to my poems... hmmm... seems that some folks are seeing the photos and some are seeing blank spaces....
For the time being anyone seeing simply blank spaces between poems... please forgive me and dare I pun?

Hope to have this problem cleared up soon... !

A PA Wednesday Prompt .... "when you are not paying attention"

Pay Attention 

Sit up straight eyes straight ahead
Do not let an idle thought drift into your head
Tear your eyes from the willow tree
bending, beckoning whispery tales of possibility
Things must be learned and must be learned well
Sit up straight, on the wonders floating endlessly do not ever dwell
Shake off Pegasus flying in the air
Banish mermaids floating languid hair
Sit up straight, eyes straight ahead
Learn the lessons taught so you shall be well read

then when you are not paying attention ... fairies fly

then when you are not paying attention
fairies fly sprinkling golden dandelion
dust on dreams exhaled in the soft spring air
then when you are not paying attention...
a cell in solitude searches another
to dance the dance of disease and new life
then when you are not paying attention
the final kiss is kissed, the last touch felt
unannounced - eternally remembered
then when you you are not paying attention

ephemeral, illusory, actual all become one, present and invisible
then when you are not paying attention

Don't Look

 Don't Look

There are a million billion gazillion
things that happen when attention
you do not simply pay
So do not worry about what you
do not see and what you do not say
There are things moving up behind you
Surprises at your back
Some will bring joy, some will
as a sharp honed knife attack
But while you are not looking
Do not worry that you will miss
The thing that you most fear
Might never come, replaced instead
with an unexpected kiss
Kick up your heels and try
to not fret about what happens when
you are not attention paying
the truth is that there is little that
we actually control
might as well suckle life's joy
that  is all – I’m just saying

While You Raise Them

while you raise them up
they will grow and take you down
to places unknown

While Looking At The Flowers

While Looking At The Flowers

While stopping to smell the roses
and watch the daisies dotting sunshine gently
in the field
While blowing wishes on the mystic dandelion
seeing what the whispered wind does yield
While heady with the scent of lavender
grasses tumbling in transcendent fragrant flow
Time is passing more quickly
Than flowers ever know