Tuesday, April 12, 2011



Do no know how many I will be able to get through
Perhaps some will stymie and I shall not do...
Will start at absract and end at vinanelle
At least for a free spirit such as I that is Day 12's self-assigned hell....


Jello Form

Squiggled wiggled
jiggled slither...


Word Bound

For one like me both drawn and repelled
Onto the rack of rule captured thought
Radiant with precision found
Morbid in the panic of the words so bound


Muse In Hiding

And here we are and
Be there we
Come only three letters in until it is
Done, done and over ain't this
Gone, the jaunty Muse is
Hid -alive
Inside a sparkling
Jar within a tight turned lid
Kindled spark still deeply
Mourning quiet, still deep in recess fit
Neath the blanket
Of the letters safe from the battered hit
Purposefully asleep
Quiet as that proverbial
Rodent peep
Silent in
The leagues of the deepest deep
X-ray vision only would
Yield a tell
Zealously protecting her creative spark from a from that her out would sell

Annagrammatic (Haiku-ish)

Race in on action
React, tear, not trace an arc
Create one actor

The Blitz Poem

Pen a form
Pen it in a poem
Poem it up and
Poem it down
Down into the depth of the poet soul
Down until the form is done

Done as you began when it was begun
Done – or moving toward the done in earnest try
Try, try to continue to mine for things to say
Try, and try again to keep all in the flow
Flow as crystal water over river rock
Flow as freely as one can

Can this happen
Can it be
Be a form that lets passion
Be not snagged on the rules
Rules not holding
Rules not impediments

Impediments drift only in the mind
Impediments will only then tie and bind
Bind one harsh and cutting off the sound
Bind one with blindfolds and mouth gags
Gags on with the incessant drum-beat of words stuffed
Gags on numbers forced onto image

Image breaking out and free
Image screaming let me be
Be not held by word placement that you say
Be not imprisoned in any way
Way beyond in horizonless flight
Way above what is wrong or so-called right

Right here and now
Right not left or down or up or on the side
Side turned backwards on its ear
Side turned ungraciously showing its full rear
Rear turning and then rearing up and full
Rear defaming this heinous binding bull

Bull stubborn chafing powerfully
Bull breaking from these binds to charge free
Free but not quite yet, no not at in the clear
Free still ranging on a plane still far from here
Here there is still the numbered game
Here stuck within this orchestrated same

Same repetition although if not in a state of transfix
Same could become different if not mired in this mix
Mix it up breathe and shake off the prison steel
Mix can coalesce within any space, created or invented real
Real is itself an image, not quite held
Real and rules and creativity can and do meld

Meld together, free the muse, let the words fly
Held only by the form of all that is in fact poetry

BOP – What To Do With Your Time?

Time a mecurial unmanageable thing
Moving, jiving along as we sing
Singing songs of days and things
Needing to get done
Personal stuff while folks
Starve and lives of desperation lived by some

What to do with your time? What to do with your time?

There are those who isolate
There are those who gravitate
Those who gather close and problem with brain storm
Those who run their hands upon each other’s form
There are simply those that seem to care
And others who seem to feel all too much to bear

What to do with your time? What to do with your time?

Isolate, gravitate, problem storm, hands upon each other’s form
What to do?
Concentrate on all of them
Or on those close to you
Do what you can when you know you must
Understanding that this way, that way, eventually all will turn to dust

What to do with your time? What to do with your time?

YIKES!!! I have wanted to go through the 30 odd forms listed on PA....!


  1. You are a brave poet: you set yourself a daunting task and wowed it. I enjoy all your poems over at PAD, but can't cope with commenting there!

    Thanks for visiting my blog - I found your comments in the spam box and rescued one, as they were the same. Wordpress is getting a bit weird lately.

  2. Thank you Viv ... Yes the volume and detail of comments the familiarity and adjacent and subtle but persistent pressure to comment is a mixed bag that can be both powerful support, warm welcome and an overwhelming challenge in itself. Nevertheless, I enjoy reading you at PA and delighted you feel the same....