Friday, April 29, 2011


POEM 1. Ode To A Street

Cobblestones pavers
Gentle underfoot sheened
Whispering lyrical loveliness
Through from earliest dawn
All the night through
Someone, somewhere stirs
For a stroll
Under bowers of word petals
Because there is no beginning or end
I honor The Street both teeming and serenely still



A World Without Poetic Asides Fondly Called By Some The Street
Would Be a World Emptied of Images, Rhythms, and Poets to Greet

There would be no Robert Lee Brewer
Our fearless leader whose pens through
A “Strep Throat"
No Walt writing of “A World Without Poetry”
“There would be no beauty if poetry was not…” it would come to an end
No De Jackson writing “Sans” of “Hearts that won’t mend…”
There would not be Sam Nielson’s humor as in “Without Wind” writing how “There are those who say – I am like an unwanted wind”…
There would be no Chev or Jerry either – no words of “The World Without Dandelions”
no indented lines that showed wishes floating away
No Gloria Bostic… who pen no poems about the sons never born
Nor Mariya Koleva – musing on “The world without its center?”
No Kit Cooley - no “Bee-less” images of flowers blossom
No PKP and “Dr. Kulachs’ Piano Recital”
No musings of Michael Grove penning on “Hate No More” or “peace …that rise from oceans floor.
No chuckle poetic flirtation between Daniel and De who would not have “this prompt so…promptly
No De Jackson and her wide range – no “Poof” …(abracadabra) Wave of wand, ..All gone.
No Mike M. pondering a still life “Without Storms
No Marie Elena’ s sweet membership in the commentary team that have gotten many including this poem to return and boosted esteem
No souls would be held as Gloria’s father
No M.A. Dobson writing “The World Without Sleep…” in the throes on insomnia vividly
There would be no Autumn N. Hall’s unique twist removing the “E”
No Anders Byland … and his wonderful search instrument nor his knowledge” about why the cage bird” does sing
No Zeb with his enthusiasm playfully “Imagining a World without Z”
No Linda M. Rhinehart Neas no “ The World without PAD”
Nor Maxi Steer or “The World Without Slime”
No Patricia Hawkenson with a range from the celestial to “The World without Casseroles
nor “curry” nor mush…
No Michele (Banana) penning “Hopeless” “as things are calmer now…”
No Walt imagining a world “Without Gravity”
Gone Joseph Harker – and his “Sonnet For Peak Fuels”
No Walt continuing on – no “WHERE HAVE YOU GONE, JOE DiMAGGIO recalling an era’s jewels.
No Katie Dixon and her “Ambrosia" no “from the night on the rising steam.”
No Dare Gaither, no “Poison Ivy” Without Temptation
Nor Shannon Lockhard sweet “Temptation”
No Rose Anna Hines and her piercing “ A World Without Taste”
No Marie Elena and “These Things I can Do Without” from “brussels sprout to falling out” they would not exist absolutely no doubt.
No Janet Rice Carnahan how could that be? No “WORLD WITHOUT ANTS” and all her commentary 
No Ivanius just come me to know …none of her poems “No Blanks” how would that go?
No meeting of Jane Schlensky and “The World Without You” a richness of images what would we do?
No Mike Maher and his multiple attempts of the day as “The World Wihout Something Else” whatever could one say?
No Pamela Murray Winters waxing on “In a world without clouds”
In a world without clouds
No Beth Rodgers as the world falls silent in “The World Without Music”
Nor Elizabeth Johnson in “Without dogs”
No Linda Voit taking up no cause because there’d be none and so no “Without Labels Taking the Lead” and no Lois S.
No Joe writing actively of “Monotony”
No Nancy Posey no prompts, no “World Without Weather”
No Margaret Van Pelt sweetly combining “Strep Throat” and kisses
No Catherine Lee who this year has come and then “No World Without Rhythm… what a vacuum
No Bruce contemplating “less terrifying” “A World without Tornadoes”
No Connie Peters imagining “A World Without Flowers”
No J.D. MacKenzie “Without a Place to Call Our Own”
No Richard-Merlin Atwater or “A World Without Love”
No Justine Hemmestad “with no reason for expression” in “A World Without Passion”
No Kim King who could not leave “The World Without Poetry”
No Mike Bayles in a “World Without Music”
No Karen Legg to wittily imagine what “A World without Will”
No Nikki Markle who I can never read without hearing my favorite poetic word sparkle – no “Starless Shadorma”
No Taylor Graham – no lush language of “Fleas”
No Gil Gallager – no Stephen King of PA no today “Without Sky”
No Rob Halpin pointing to the perils of our “PAPERLESS SOCIETY”
No Rachel Green would e’er be seen and no “One Demon Less”
Nor Marian Ververka in “A World without Music”
No Andrew Kreider and no “The World Without His Genius” a place of far less caffeinated flash and fun.
No Autumn Hall nor “A World without Proselytizing”
No Katreylu Angus no one to write a poem of a world “WITHOUT ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS”
Nor Mbschied in “a world without whining”
No Dheepika – No passionate poem no “ A Surrogate Mother”
No M. Wood – none of his intellect no “Without” speaking of “Books molder on shelves.”
Nor Chimnese and therefore “ No World Without Homophobia”
No J. Lynn giving tribute to the tornado victims “Home” …falling-…into the center
of the earth.”
No Michele Hed and no “Blue” oh how sad that would be if she were not here, true
No P. Wanken creating an empty reality without her “Without You”
No prolific Walt .. and so no giggle at “NO UNDERWEAR”
No LBC and then No “World Without Sound
Nor Sara V? how could that be no “Staunching the Flow”
No Marcia Gaye finding a poem by James Gaye Jr. thinking on “The World Without Dress Codes” and how that all might be
No Sheree Rabe to think “On Utopia”
No Arielle Lancaster-LaBrea! This “new-to-me” voice of brilliance no today of “Without that morning at your house”
Nor Heiberg and never “INTO ACROBATICS” having me smiling still
No Barbara Young no “world without walls…”
No Lori Thatcher penning “A World without Us”
Nor Joseph Beckman who can write a poem “Sans Inspiration” which of course inspires
No Hannah Gosselin no fairies, creatures, and such things as “A World Without Marshes”
No RJ Clarken and her unique take. No “World Without Sticky Notes”
No “meeting” Domino and no “The World Without Lies”
No Mariel Dumas – No “Projection-less World”
No Miskmask- and then no “A World Without Arthritis”
No ACD and as it would be no “Without Fear”
No Nina B Lanctot and none of “THE WORLD WITHOUT AGENCY”
Nor Joe or “A World Without Lovers”
No Kyhaara or a “World Without Chocolate”
No Daniel Ari’s 3 “Without Judgment"
Nor Angel V and a “World Without Sin”
No “meeting” for me Andrea Boltwood and never reading terrific “A World Without Onomatopoeia”
No Sara McNulty! “No World Without Your Smile”
No De Jackson – hard to imagine the shrinking of scope no “Bumble”
No Ideurmyer and therefore no “Gripers and Complainers”
Running out of steam and want to be sure to include everyone I read this last April PAD night
No Ann No “I heard the black crows” a voice that finds the light in the dark
No Annie McWilliams. No “at the edge of the world”
No Genevieve Fitzgerald. “No World Without Words”
No Benjamin Thomas . No “A Dog-less World”
No, Amy Barlow Liberatore!! No Advocacy! As in tonight’s “No Gay Men” how would that be?
No Salvatore Buttaci –No “Worlds Will Grow Silent” ????
No Michael Grove – such kind words directed to me no “family” or “my baby, baseball..”
No “meeting” PSC in Ct wonderful poems and commentary No “The World Without Goodbye”
No Jacqueline Hallenbeck sensitive as all heck. No “World without gossip”
No Sandra Robinson – new to me on PA street – No “World Without Sports”
No Buddha Moskowitz – no lists – no scintillating lines? “No Color TV”
No Melissa Rossetti Folini one of the most beautiful names on this street.
No Karen Phillips – coupling of lines and images in her own style
Nor Jo Lightfoot – a distinctive voice that lingers on
No Cameron Steele – remember shedding a tear
No Judy Rodney – a wonderful blog site and great visiting there
No Rose Anna Hines – tender heart, writing of difficult times
Nor Kendall A Bell – No “Imagining a world without hippies”
No John Pupo – No “Stevie Nicks” who I distinctly remember someone no being able to sleep til she found
No Robin Morris – new I do believe welcome and sound
No A.C. Leming and not tonight’s “The Last Straw”
And finally in the way of all mortal beings hard to imagine especially on tonight the beginning of a special day that there would be no PKP's  
  World Without From Here To Eternity

A world without the crashing waves
Of Lancaster's from Here to Eternity
would have left this April baby
with a different paternity
I mis-estimated the time this might take and looking at the clock see that I’m in the process of an all-nighter to take which would be my pleasure which would be my joy to somehow even for only myself to synthesize the month into the now … but today is a day that others want to celebrate and so I must leave as Janet might call this pearl necklace for it is late. I thought that I’d say much more witty and light as I begun that this street would be emptied, cold and deprived of much light, if even one single voice here was not heard, read, created into a post, a time of community, of sharing of dedication and perhaps a kind of collective like-minded poetic love most…

Whoops ... Here's to NINA AND GEORGINA who perhaps
Because you somewhat rhyme stayed floating together in mind's predawn foggy mist
And as I drifted and realized where were you on that  PA LIST!

So this was last night's ODE TO PA rough iPad  dear compatriots in the night turned to day and at my own erodes I was groaning a complete  tribute a testament inevitably I must have failed although I tried... To any slips of mind but not affection or admiration I apologize and thank you for sharing with me and allowing me the place to share with you!

POEM 3. Ode to creativity

To that flotsam and
Skittering glittering scatter
To the skin creeping draw
To all that seems profoundly to matter
To the forms and the styles that
To to the glitter falling try to contain
To the surrender to falling
As particles join into shape
To that which comes from
No one truly knows where
Ode and honor some say the same
To the coalescence of the spark to the sparkle

POEM 3. Ode to An Ode

Perhaps the first remembered bit of poetry
was an Urn that was odes for all us to see
That idea might not have been great
For all these years later late
Not too much about odes committed to memory .....

POEM 4. Ode to a Feline

An ode is a celebratory homage
Traditionally respectful, solemn all that
Most decidedly the subject would exclude
That of a cat...


POEM 5. Ode to an Ode
A form both austere and some
Might say -antiquated in your hpristine way
And yet
And yet
To you dear ancient ode
Fare-the-well shall I never bode
To you dear venerable through ages strong
For you dear ode to honor by mastery I still long
Long live the Ode!


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