Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bright snow tips tree tops
Toward bursting emerald Spring
All are ready .... Come! ♥

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Skipping in her summer dress
through green grassed
yellow daisies
singing wishes
to a blown bare
certain someone hears

The Big Lie

The knowing creeping up
the naked spine, a fingertip
of spectral ice quite undivine
that drains, exchanges all that was there
for a wake of bottomless hollow despair
beside tsunamied humility helpless care
tossed as flotsam, splintered self importance
invisibly asunder, churning there
the days, the life, the memories and free will
obliterated, disposable, expendable on the spectral swill

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Four-Year- Old-Murdered-Kaitlin. ( reposted for Poets United)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

FOUR-YEAR-OLD-KAITLIN JONES (reposted for Poets United)

The body of four year old Kaitlin Jones found today
Mutilated, raped, and murdered in unknown order
Kaitlin had been missing for three weeks
Police had called in the FBI after an Amber Alert failed and no leads uncovered
A search party had been organized by friends and family
Her mother screamed when night fell and Kaitlin was not found
It had been expected the strong-willed little girl was hiding
Kaitlin had been under the care of Dr. Goode, PhD and categorized as
oppositional defiant
Her grandfather thought she was just a little girl who knew what
she did and did not want
But even he had to agree that something was wrong when Kaitlin was not found in any
of her secret places where she often stayed for hours on
her own
The family was never under suspicion of any foul play
Neighbors responded to the mother’s screams, coming together
in their nightclothes
Making coffee, flyers and organizing search parties, some brought their untrained dogs on long leashes, others stayed with the family
keeping up a stream of platitudes
The day Kaitlin disappeared she had been given
a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
with the crusts on and the jelly rather than the peanut butter on top
Kaitlin had fallen to the floor shocking the new baby-sitter with her
A moment later she ran from the kitchen into her room and slammed the door

Kaitlin’s room was on the ground floor
In case of such a melt-down, the baby-sitter had been instructed to let Kaitlin “be”

No one noticed four-year-old Kaitlin climb from her window
and drop
to the ground
Where she ran across the field toward the wooded
hiking trail that snaked into the woods
Along the highway unseen but heard
rushing in the distance
beyond the trees
Where a young man had parked his car, walked for a while and waited for
something to happen - Like
a four-year-old girl who didn’t like her peanut butter and jelly sandwich

(note: for those not familiar with the "inverted pyramid form the most important details are in the first lines moving in descending level of consequence)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Like Violets

Velvet you lifted
a tiny pot from
the windowsill high
above, brushed petal
to cheek and in
transported loamy
lushness opened
yet another wonderland

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Your Hand

Long ago I traced those knuckles

Of that hand lying quietly

Slung over my shoulder

At the end of your muscled forearm

Arched in delight as it brushed my cheek,

Grazed my newly offered breast

Long ago I traced those knuckles

Of that hand, wiped away my blood

With a cold wetted white cloth

Held ice to purpling bruises

Raising in the aftermath of the

Silencing of some words not

To your liking

Long ago I traced those knuckles

Cajoling caterwauling regret

Back through rage, back through passion

To lie quiet and protective over

my shoulder in the circle of your strength

On The Breath of Apricots

In the bed of crisp white sheets

You slipped

A silver haired overlay

Of that raven haired

Hero of all things new

Arms resting on the bleached coverlet

Seen by others as skeletal and fading

I sung Sweet Chariot to you

White horses coming

As you redolent of turpentine and oils

Had taught and sung with me long ago

Just for this day

Curled quiet within the calliope

Of the childhood carousel

Turning to catch another

Glimpse of you as the music

Whirled, dust motes danced

In the slanting summer light

Waiting for you to leap

Fearless onto the still moving platform

To carry me in young powerful arms

Back to solid ground, back home

The laughter of children

Pure in the fading tinkle of the calliope

In the bed of crisp white sheets

My hand on the stopped beat

In your stilled chest

Your lips cooling

As you exhaled apricots

In the slanting summer sun

May the earth stay still, the waters retreat, and the healing begin ♥ 5 Haiku

tsunami waters

terrorize the mind and heart

flooded with nightmare


in the new dawn call

the infants safe and hungry

as mothers milk flows


in morning sun shine

blossoms float innocently

on bloated bodies


delicate lotus

blossom torn assunder float

on life's churning detrus


turn from the special effects

tintillated destruction

sickened now by truth