Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth 

fresh showered air
his shirt over bare 
breasts – drifting -
the future as smoke –
sitting on my knees 
framing the world on
his bed – 


Pink - What About Us 

tear stained blood
hips sway in heat
beckoning beckoning
forward pulse pounding
wayward fairytales -
mocking happy endings
the surge sudden pounding
as surf in tsuami of found
power – discovered 


Get Up Stand Up – Bob Marley

Soft summer sand dancing 
night frangipangi air –iced
anisette in salt-sandy hands 
hair tossed – slapping hips 
pulled, pulled close – at sea
edge together hips bang – 
feet moving together – 
licorice on lips –tomorrow 
a given born in the swaying 


 Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit 

fruit long past rot on 
ancient gnarled trees 
click clacking bones  
flesh rip-plucked long 
ago –fetid malevolence 
floats steamy –echoes 
of breath choked in 
magnolia – swaying
drifting –drifting from
poplar tree to city street – 
strange fruit – no longer 


John Lenon - Give Peace A Chance

bare feet stomping 
turquoise anklets jingling 
below breasts high and
free, naked under sheer
cotton soft as baby breath
tambourine keeping time in 
heartbeats – together hand 
claps – clarion voices joyous
flush with youth and power
sing as we pass the wine- hand
to hand- bare feet stomping
the pace of the certain future
A long stomp – the beat goes on
in marching memories of feet 
flying backward and forward 
as the tambourine continues 
to play – the young guys 
dead or almost –wanted 
it right then –will take
it now –torn hearts 
beat in unison – 
for a simple chance - 
lottery tickets still