Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Street Light by jose alhambra

PAD DAY 30 Finished and Never Finished Poem

At the line finished
Pounding in ever-more pulse
The race continues

PAD DAY 29 - First Line of an April Poem/poem 
from PAD DAY 6 - AValediction Poem - Farewell Dr. S.T. 

His Disconnected Number 

Her bright smile
Fades with each ring
Expectation falters
And falls, fails

PAD DAY 28 – A Shadorma Poem

Sweet Shadorma

I never knew you
You enter
Dancing possibility
Toe point perfection

PAD DAY 27 – A Mechanical Poem

Writing By The Book

She writes looking
at the book
breaking the words
into syllables
according to teacher

PAD DAY 26  - A Casting Poem

Casting for immortality

She saw somewhere once
A scene
That stuck
At the edge of sunset
An old grandfather
A very small boy
A lake shimmering
The little boy smiles
Up sparkling
The grandfather
slaps the child’s face
Tears spring
Strokes the soft
Silky six year old cheek
And says
“Because my boy
I never wanted you
to forget this day
or me”

PAD DAY 25 An “Everyone (blank) poem

Everyone can end war

Everyone can end war
If every everyone everywhere
Simply wears a blind fold and
No clothes except perhaps some underwear
Everyone can end war

PAD DAY 24 – Auto Poem

Candy Apple

His first love
Was candy-apple red
And had a big engine
Under “her” hood
And was the only beauty
That Never let him down


I wake
as a petulant child
stirring with sand
papered unease
irritated toes hanging
on the cusp of
irritating others
the sun too bright
the birds annoying
cackle grate
words coalesce
from the sharp shards
falling gently together
over tense shoulders
I am embraced in
the golden shimmer
the warble and wiggle
of a new day reconfigured
by automatic grace
gratefully savored
as a sigh releases
a smile and from
whirling head to
clenched toes
words springing
flow, tickle

PAD DAY 23 Love and Anti-Love Poem

Love & Anti-Love - A Run 

Sparkling eyes
Fixed on Daddy
Nearing the finish

Glittering eyes
Beyond the bag in hand
Nearing the finish

Boston Marathon

Sunday, April 28, 2013

PAD - SPEED CATCH-UP DAYS 13-22 ... 40 minute write time -

PAD 22 – A “complex” poem

The New Boy

He lived in the ‘complex’
So he said
His smile bright and eyes
She told her mother
Breathlessly of the
new boy – heart pounding
Her mother said he lied
He lived in the “projects”
Nothing complex there

PAD 21 – A “senyru”

Thought I wrote haiku
Only to find out right now
“Haiku” was senyru!

PAD 20- A “beyond” poem

Beyond the horizon

Over the rainbow
And all that
Where bluebirds
And those thing sing
And silver linings
Luminously ring
Those promises
Made in song and
Verse and whispers
In the dark
Beyond the
Slivered horizon

PAD 19 – A “burn” poem

Book Burning On A Saturday Night

They piled them
In merry heaps
Laughing in the night
And lit the flame
As words curled to ash

PAD 18 I Am (blank)

I Am – the one waiting in the wings

I am
The one
You never
Since your promise
In the sweet
Whispers of
Darkness that
You surely would
For me

PAD 17 Express Poem

On the local

She thought she stepped onto
The express
Bright smile
Arms filled with books
And bright anticipation
Of her soon to come destination
Until the first of many stops
Began to repeat

PAD 16 Possible and Impossible Poem

It is possible to understand
How a young man’s insecurity
Can be tapped toward malevolence
Toward all that surrounds him
In what is now seen as a disingenuous embrace
A dart well placed punctures the heart

It is impossible to understand
How a young man’s insecurity
And search for identity turns
Toward limbs blown in the air
And streets bloodied
As a young child dies
Amid carnage and death
In still fresh innocence

PAD 15 "Infest - poem"

The Love Bug 

Infest me with your love bug
Let it bite me from here to there
Infest me with your love bug
As I lie sprawled abed and bare

PAD 14 - "sonnet" 

On level ground

Lift my eyes to the sky
And then lower them slow
So that I look by and by
To all that in interim does go
Lift my eyes to the sky
And then lower them slow
Until my lash blink meets your eye

And on the this level ground
We shall stand tall
Facing one another found
In the universal call
Lift my eyes to the sky
And then lower them slow
Embrace me as seed in hand we sow

PAD DAY 13 – Comparison Poem

Why cannot you be
Like your little brother
Happy and smiling? 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

After the screaming stopped

After the screaming stopped

She stood on tiptoe

eyes level with 
The Harrowing and
breathed an oath
to self with seven 
year old lips shivering
in the thin air of that night

She stood on tiptoe
"I saw" she'd later swear 
but she was seven 
either unreliable or
standing in pajamas
so thin - transparent 
light shone through 

She stood on tiptoes 
and she swore 
that even after grubs
feasted on her marrow
she would march to her
own singular drum 
beating her own rhythm 
of rare pure certainty 

She swore this silent
oath to her small self
that never would her own
dainty daughter stand
on tiptoe in any star soaked
future night

never would her daughter 
peek through a cold 
window - trying to guess
why Mother 
would allow herself to lie 
lip bloodied - limp legs 
flung wide - under him

Standing on numb tiptoes 
she warmed her future 
child - swaddled in blankets
soft with protection and 
sweet lullabies

Standing on tiptoes
she vowed Never to be
the rag doll woman 
cast-off - crumpled - 
preternaturally still
as her heart pounded
in that final frigid night 

On bare tiptoes
she held onto the sill
outside their window
under cold staring stars -
ice chips glinting in black night 
clenched toes, wide eyes
transfixed after she threw covers
and fled the precarious safety of bed 
awakened by that sudden silence 
and the sudden stop of the constant
shimmer of screams.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ah Infidels of reason

Blood Smears by Talia Felix

Ah infidels of  reason
A Mother's Lament 

Ah infidels

one shock folded
into another
struggle spent
I placed one hand on
each still thin shoulder
and we shipped to shelter
shunning hate - together 

Ah infidels

In this land of lush
bursting possibility
you blossomed
both and thrived
my shining testament
to childhood resilience
and hope renewed

Ah infidels

of once silk soft skin
thirsty minds, malleable hearts
empathy and compassion
my smiling boys
how have you come to
harden as clay fired
Unrecognizable from the
Oven of indoctrinated hatred

Ah infidels

One shock folded
into another
you have been snatched from
my still-leaking
still-yearning breasts
I reach for you -
babes I bore
in remembrance of velvet feet
against my ribs

Ah Infidels

I reach
I reach
as in an
searching dream
but empty air

Ah infidels

sons of mine 
whose same hands
clutched but a moment ago 
for purchase
smack suckling  
now our sanctuaried streets
with your catastrophic carnage

Ah infidels

My bright-eyed boys burnt to ash
now men-grown 
together in twisted 
brotherhood of incomprehension
you bomb...

targeted shrapnel -
exploding my
intertwined heart -
scattering my
shattered soul
infidels betraying all you have received
infidels desecrating all we held holy
in love, in family, in life

Ah infidels
you sons of
squander -
your hard won promise
purloined for hatred-
I look for
you in these
flickered images -
Stare at streets
carnage claimed
stained indelibly
as with my own blood

Ah infidels

my boys
my spirit vanquished
I stare mute - 
I do not scream 
for your ears now deafened
I do not claw my face in grief
before your blind eyes

One shock folded
onto another
you are irrevocably gone
burnt in the billowed tendrils
of your poison ignited tossed toxic smoke

Ah infidels

My infidels -
you are 
Sacrilege to the
the sunlight
fallen to darkness as
rotted fruit
Of my wounded womb
Bloodied handprints
smear my head - rip my heart 

Unable to stand
mortally maimed
I bleed 
soul spent 
decreed an infidel by you
who have shambled sacred 
mother laughing love
into endless dying

Ah infidels
I ran from such heartless damnation
protecting my children from the men
you have become 

Ah infidels of reason 
infidels of compassion
infidels of love 
I am a legless torso
a headless neck
until I am but a husk
blowing in the smoke
of your incomprehensible