Wednesday, April 13, 2011



POEM  1.  To Big Matt. ( in response to editor Robert Lee Brewer's poem Big Matt)

He dropped Robert on his head
Eight times he said
And just look perhaps
Where all that head dropping

POEM 2.  My Dog Pal

Pal was half terrier and half bull
His face half white, half brown
He was the cutest pup
But as he grew squared t-shaped
He snarled, he snapped
He would have hissed
He slept in my girlhood bed
And would growl if awake I took up
Too much space, but if asleep
He left me alone my dreams peacefully 
To face
No, he was not the most pleasant guy
And aging did not his personality improve
As chaperone he was a fifteen pound DeNiro
Growling inside the front door at my side, giving would be
Lothario's a shove
It was long ago, this ungentle guy snarled, snapped and would have hissed
Yet, it was he, who never ripped my throat, who is still sorely missed

POEM 3. The butcher's son-in- law

The butchers son- in- law
Was tall, black haired, blue eyed
Leading man stunning handsome
His apron was a startling blinding white
Each button neatly done
His name was Seymour and
At four it became a thrilling name
He'd lean over the high high counter
A piece of salami in his hand
And though I detested the garlicy treat
From him it was a gift unparalleled and grand
The butcher told my mother that
He thought Seymour was a no good bum
I did not care what any thought of him 
To me, he was as good a man could come

POEM 4. Kindergarten Ruthie

I had waited for school to begin
For as long as I could recall
On tip toe turned the brassy knob
Found my unexpected all- on- my- own discovered friend
Ruthie, standing by light spilling windows
Ruthie, a little girl, quite tall

POEM 5.  Azalea Baby

Waited that time
Until all was certain 
butterfly wings
And then
Crimson pouring
Into the bright cold
Room where you
Trapped in your tube
Wild child
Exploring inner
Worlds you lost
Your way
And stuck
Fluttered forever
Leaving behind
Your wings
Under my heart
Forever four months

POEM 6. Azalea Baby .... Part 2

Wheeled past
Bundles full
An azalea plant
In my lap
Out the door
Without you


  1. A fine body of work, you've put a lot into this!

  2. You truly are a SweetTalkingGuy.... thanks for reading. I was just over at your blog and your writing is absolutely delight-full.....

    Anyone reading this blog ... make it a point to go over and take a look at SweetTalkingGuy!

    Thanks again! :)
    As I wrote over at your blog after reading some of your wonderful work... you've given me a grand smile that I'm now taking out for dinner:)

  3. Pearl~ I love all your poems here... especially the Azaleas... such a nice variety!