Thursday, April 14, 2011

DAY 14 - PROMPT -"AIN'T" MY BUSINESS - POEM 7 - Ain't My Business

Actor's lives in the sun
Beehive hairdos you think are fun
Caramels surreptitiously sucked before you eat
Dogs that you are enthralled to greet
Earrings in three, or five lined holes
Fingering quietly your benign moles
Galloping on an invisible steed at four
Handling canned goods in the store
Inching to a window to watch the rain patter
Jiggling joggers stumbling scatter
Kitten neighbors well fed tumbled patter
Lanterns on a summer's night
Mittens worn out in plain sight
New careers begun, tried, and changed
Oranges in fruit stores pyramadically arranged
Passed unread classroom notes
Queenly monarchy for whom none did vote 
Relay races, lovers of a boat
Secret smiles when one is alone
Terns swooping seeking a picnic bone
Useless memorabilia stored 
Vacation photos even when mildly bored
Wandering guitarists should they appear
Xylophones accompanying those guitars clear
Yellow parking lot lines faded paint
Zen poses, all above and more, because my business they simply ain't 


  1. Love that creativity on the alphabetical order. Whoa.

  2. Hi Pearl,
    thanks for the constructive and affirming suggestion about posting poems on a blog. I'm having an open house at and you're invited. There's some old stuff there, a little clutter, but please don't hold it against me. The folks who nominated me for a Pushcart didn't. About PAD, I've only been able to find between :05 and :10 a day to write due to work and family obligations and haven't been able to comment on the beautiful poems from this group - yet - but I have to say that yours have inspired me with their emotional truths and depth. I look forward to reading more of your work, and thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Dear JD.... Deeply appreciate your post, will absolutely find you at your open house...which incidentally is a wonderful idea! Looking forward to reading much more and thank you again for the highest " praise" I could ever receive...your seeing emotional truth and depth in my writing. Truly, thank you....perhaps all any of us desire is to be "seen" and acknowledged by another <3

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