Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Water under the bridge

Water under the bridge 

True as you say 

there is a great deal 

of water rushing under 

our bridge

Yet, seems to me

that as long as we

are standing on the

bridge looking at

the water – 

as long as we

take care 

neither to fall nor dive in – 

I believe 

I believe 

I still continue to believe - that

we can cross to the other side 


The water flowing 

Sparkling … forward 

After all.  

Sunday, January 14, 2024




She was twenty he twenty-two new wedding bands on fingers

to the islands they flew 

Landed and she entranced pulled into irresistible dance after a day or 

two in her soul a certainty knew … she called home:


Bride to her father 


Hi Daddy, yes all is well – I need to talk to you

Things are not just okay – they are fantastic  

As soon as I stepped off plane it felt like I was home 

we’re going to stay 


A second or two ticked by frangipani air 

sweet and heavy drifted in from the open veranda

there she sat on the edge of the bed - a stream of hotel 

AC lifted her just from the beach- showered hair – 

she took a sip of her frozen drink – waiting for him to think  -

his answer came swift and fast – 

its portent intended and would everlast


“Baby, said he, is there a cemetery in town?”


Yes right in the center down 


“When you hang up go there and take a walk around inhale deep and see

it comes awfully fast - follow your dream and be .. 

I love you”


Her heart swelled –breath caught, tears fell

To be understood and loved so true, so deep and well

By a father who could let her go 

Though the decision had to be a shock you know. 

Groom to his mother 


Mom, Hi …


Uh , fine, yep having a good time

Uh, Ma we figured maybe – Uh we’re going to stay


The receiver drops

“No No No … No way! 

Hang the sheets on the mirrors my son is dead to me “ *


Her newly  minted father-in-law picked up the conversation -


“Your mother is upset she thought you were just on vacation

Take care of yourself you hear

Goodbye call and ask for yourself it’s long distance the cost is dear” **


She could hear the wailing as he hung up the phone

Lit a cigarette, poured a drink, picked up a towel and walked out alone 


She understood the love thrumming in both those calls 

the winds of support the wails of pain 

It all washes over her, warm and refreshed time and time again  


Parenthood -Love – Life - all right there…. 

Spilling, sparkling, in Caribbean air 




*A Jewish tradition of mourning included covering mirrors with sheets

**  In the days long prior to cell-phones when long distances rates exorbitant for many – some devised a method of letting a caring party know of an arrival by calling ‘collect’ and asking for oneself.