Thursday, April 30, 2015

PAD - Day 30 - Bury the .... Poem 1. Berry-The Sweet China-berry Days

Berry- The Sweet China-berry Days 

Mari-Beth wore her
 glorious flamed-hair 
piled high in a careful 
musssed affair- gliding 
into the OutRigger hang-
out - that place with 
the hatch cover tables
and the concrete floor
dart board in the corner
burgers on the grill -
back there in St. Croix 
USVI - She wore a flowy 
white organza shirt and 
linen slacks -ordered some 
pink drink and let her Peke
take tiny sips as we all
listened to her roll out 
a sweet-strap-molasses
southern drawl -all of
us barefoot-flip-flopped
expats - in cut-off jean 
shorts, tee-shirts and 
bathing suit tops -
brown from windy sun
on sailboats - salty
from afternoon swims
dried off and drinking
cold Heinekins in 
icy green bottles as 
she told of china-berry
tales ....

Oh... wait "bury" ?

Love you all - each and every one of you here - those who are familiar faces and voices - those new-to-me fellow travelers - I love each syllable drifting down this Street grown so bustling - and though the voices have over years gone by expanded into a chorus worthy of a tabernacle we still make sweet poetic music together...  Happy April - Happy PAD Challenge - Adieu - until next April or next Wednesday - happy poeming ....

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

PAD - Day 29 What Nobody Knows Poem - No One Knows

No One Knows
No one knows that I am.

Already gone and not quite
yet born –
on a filament
watching – the reshaped
converging coalescing
particles of that me you
create from the flotsam
and reality of your book
of my physicality, as I –
stroll through the plains
of this extra-ordinary life –
whilst dancing in the sand
of Serengeti – melting into
the aquamarine sea under
a scintillating sparkled sun
lazing on a single leaf in the
whispered rustling of green.
No one knows that I am.
Already gone and not quite
yet born –

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

PAD - Day 28 - Matter and Anti-matter Poem ... Beyond the matter

Beyond the matter

when a gray blanket
falls o’er the horizon
and you lay under its
damp door – when you
feel your muscles loosen
and liquid pools within your core
when you cannot will your head to lift
when each particle of pain gathers and bursts flat
the time of beyond matter has arrived and that is simply that 

Monday, April 27, 2015

PAD - Day 27 Looking Back Poem .... Don't Much Like Nostalgia

Don’t Much Like Nostalgia

I do not much like nostalgia
I find it gives me melancholia

Sunday, April 26, 2015

PAD - Day 24 - Moment Poem 1. - A Child Begins

A Child Begins 

That moment separate from other
frantic, fumbling, finessed, flat -
others - that moment when again
flesh met yielding flesh - flashed
that single bead -quivering shivering
at the edge of tomorrow
shook, surrendered and finally into
the velvet vacuum of destiny

PAD -Day 24 Moment poem 2 - Summer Surprise

Summer Surprise 
He hovered hotly above her
gasping for permission to
go where none other had 
Three others had pleaded
painful pitiful pantings -
They were good boys -
they always asked -
and she - shunning that
awful tease title -apologetic
for the state she started said
- "Well yes go ahead"-
knowing they would not.
Nothing ever got out of
or into hand. 
They were good boys -
their mothers and hers
swam at the same pool
shopped at the same stores
they knew one another - back
then in that small community
of identical ticky-tac houses
and shared sensibilities ...
Good girls did not. Ever.
Everyone knew the rules
saving that super of all
superlatives. Everyone knew
their lines - sometimes tangled
but never crossed 
She was a good girl with a
bad girl's body - that hot hot
summer - of The Lifeguard.
He did not come from there.
He did ask.
He did not stop.
She was surprised.
In that swift moment after -
summer breeze on her thighs
sea salt on her lips in his shack-
she wondered - why all the fuss -
and where the panting came from.

PAD Day 26- Poem using a word Shakespeare created – The Only Hope -

Hi all - I'm back and think I got a little loopy on my trip... lol - here's my offering for day 26...
PAD Day 26- Poem using a word Shakespeare created – The Only Hope - 
Note: instructions included a link to some words that Shakespeare created – as an exercise (in what I do not know) I attempted to include them all in a first attempt at a sonnet…. (I realize now that I included only 86 of the list of 104) 
The Only Hope or
Arise Acadame – a less than thoughtful world awaits….
A stab at a sonnet…hopefully it has not been murdered 
Acadame arise from your beached blasé-
barefaced-sand-caked-compromise –dawn dwindle
Sun spilling- blazed-exposure now reached 
No frugal gust of madcap caped swindle . 
The times are monumental – no lagging
about such – ‘tis obscene to rape a dream 
panders of the soul-draining-rant –sagging
sour skim milk to the tranquil sweet cream,
worthless pointing skeletal fingers at
those accused of speaking ‘gainst the Rater 
Acadme arise from the beach- fight that
those who would besmirth all that would cater
to the courtship of fanatism 
delegitimize group-think-ism 
Decry the ruse-filled haters rumbling rant. 
Reveal the “generous” remorseless dense 
Converge as one free thinking and shout can’t
Do not confuse sweet freedom with non-sense
invulnerable to reason –embrace 
those who would discourse in the shining light–
find the single moonbeam on lonely face –
To these lonely ones standing in the right
Advise beware those who deceptively
obsequiously seeks to submerging-sink
Beware the pedant who innocently
drowns floating ideas – murders minds that think
begins to undress slithers to seduce
those with the temerity to deduce 
Oh Acamde prey to addiction
shake off the monkey climbing on your spine
smash the needle of calm - welcome friction 
Acamde hope this side of divine 
from that beach where you loll – put on your shoes
and walk the crumbling streets –their champion
they whose persist in soft insistent hues –
To them, for them, rise and fast-fearless run
Academe gloomy, you cannot be
nor given to the hobknob seduction –
Sparkling minds grow jaded miserably
Each hallowed hall is called to write and sing 
An ode, to end - each premeditation
To this end implored rededication.
Knowing, the clutch in the soft hands of youth-
faculty and emeriti with gnarled
hoar haired wisdom – clutch the blanket of truth
protect it from tear-rips if need be-snarled 
about you as a golden tapestry
Oh Acamade listen for the bump
in the dark of night, and sunlight of day
paralyzed misinformation -mind jump
False critics, -those who soul-drain hope away
condemn gossip fact-check each every line 
elbow through as the crowd begins to sway
Without labels, luggage, light travel fine –
Negotiate, shape-shift this vision mine. 
Oh Academe you are charged with this
Olympian task – to calm puking fear
of undigested propaganda hiss –
mediate both scuffle and swagger here
Here, passioned profer and desperate plea
do not grovel – to amazement wide
take ideas as lovers to bedroom sea
cheer the dauntless sail of thought at your side . 
Oh Academe if you do not you
will answer the buzzer of history
with bloodstained hands this will be simply true
you will have surrendered to not to be –
floating fleeting in flawed drugged excitement
green-eyed monster dubious enticement 
Academe impede you where you might
if you succumb surely to brush the locks
lustrous pseudo radiance - of false light –
shimmering - you shall mimic noiseless mocks
words of those who seek to secure the minds 
of the future – you will leap a certain
uni-linear course of way and kinds 
vaulting to unlimited torture din–
Arise from the beach upon which you lay
too long in the somnolence of sun. Assume
your designated place tis here this day
restore the free unfettered fountain plume
This bastion of beauty world tapestry
loomed by new threads of creativity 
the poet’s dream – the realist’s need

PAD - Day 25 - across the sea poem Song of soon

 Song of soon

when will be get there?-
the little ones asked wide
eyes pleading from pinched
faces -limp with the sickness
of sea -wretching -again and again –
-when – when -when
the mothers crooning
– soon-soon-soon-
true for some -tossed-overboard for others –
ordinary people risen valiant as any Magellan
together on deck under stars – below in bowels
all -these Children of Lot – steeped in the ravages
of salt on wounds still raw -forbidding themselves
a single- lingered look back -until finally fresh air blew …

Thursday, April 23, 2015

PAD- Day 23 - History Poem - Origami Time


Origami Time

History was a parchment papered thing
a study of frozen Pompeiied people long
ago gone - capable of wisdom, witchery
and a distant wickedness - memorized
dates, interpretations of blood long
dried–ages folded into one another
centuries of study in squiggles
on paper – in books and film
in auditorium- assemblies
shifting in seats slightly
bored with the origami
play of time in teachers
eyes-until suddenly the
reel spun out – shots-
burst in streets-the
Sixties smashing in
carrying story with
both hands. Now! -
from rice pad-dies
to fire hoses-little
girls inciner-hated
in church dresses
murder -wild eye
eviscerated infant -
horror and honor
peace and panic
calm and cruelty
plans for Utopia
grew blueberries –
all side by side
origami living
in group and
time and day-
patriots all –
origami Our-
Story – full -
blooded -
all doors –
no time –
long- hair-
shaved headed-
ballads, banners-
bands and march-
ing bands

Loud – Hot
Our History

tears - fell
on coffins

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

PAD - Day 22 - Nature Poem 5. - Nature Lover



Whisper my soul
lick this body, wet
dry -whip-wind my hair
in your hands – lift me above
to craggy peaks then drop me
leagues below-raise me into aqua-
marine sun-shoot me in a blur of snow-
rainbow – throw me on the purple desert
Ravish me in color, touch, taste, scent, sound
and senseless, finally, bury me into velvet earth
Tend me there gently - until I burst as a single blossom
blowing in the breath of a yet to be whispered-tomorrow