Sunday, October 30, 2016

Master Class

Master Class

In the midst of the silent still - in the pause of 
buzzing busy - silken as the tip of infant curl 
In the midst of the still - in the pause of busy
clinks the crystal pearlescent peal of 
a single chime
in a cupped bowl
single silvery drop

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The glory of a misplaced Monday

Author: alexis / Download

The glory of a misplaced Monday 

eyes still shut my mind runs
the day - adjusting the empty
spaces - searching the smile to
send as you leave - and you will
leave - off to the doings of your
happy day - leave me the emptied 
uncoupled hours ... I, scurry scratch
penciled-in pretend usefulness, 
rough-scatter-sketch meandering,
minuscule,  meaning ... and then ... 
though I do not by nature nor faith
nor temperament practice the 
falling to the knees of many 
I fall to my knees in grateful
supplication - uncurling - 
loosening - breathing -
with unclenched heart
opening - opening - 
to this glorious 
gifted Sunday
when you are
here with me
after all.