Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 - Challenge Completed

Sunday, November 24, 2013

PAD - Day 24 - Response to a quote poem - Keep on Smiling :)


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

Don’t cry because it’s over as he turns and walks out shutting your front door ...
Smile because it happened, even if you are aching for so very much,  much, more.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sister Mary-Anne's in love

flower-heart-1383009391TcD.jpg -flower heart by Piotr Siedleck

Sister Mary-Anne's in love 

In the gathering of synapses-suffering 
the giggle escapes and drifts from the 
youngest novice nun - floats into the gap in regard 
for the serious breach of virtue sung by 
Sister Mary-Anne  
Flushed and penitent she rhapsodizes, as they sit still in their ironed habits
under the falling chestnut blossoms listening
with compassion, leaning toward undoing - trying to lessen the
precipitant choice of young blood to close the gap 
once again in her cycle of devotion

Yet, the unbidden giggle travels - bouncing amid their suffering
 back to plain clothed Sister Anne, who smiles gratefully as she
thinks of the child that she and former Brother Francis-now plain Frank
might one soon-to-come-day–create
in marriage 
in forgiveness 
perhaps with chestnut blossoms in her flowing hair 

PAD - Day 23 - in the moonlight


I should not be reaching across
this strange bed with rumpled
sheets of musk
Touching your shoulder
as my wedding ring
his and my wedding ring
glints in the moonlight
splayed across our sated
I should not be here
in the moonlight

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PAD - Day 18 -Love and Anti/Love Poem


Infant Dawnings Bright and Blank
In the rising dawn
Sparkled light in
their sleepy hair
She lifts the babe
high in the air
twirling in magic mystic light
All is peaceful
All is right
Brings him down lies
on duvet plump and feather-white
holds him close and melts together dear
velvet skin-to-skin suckling snuggles here
In a house not too far from here
infant red faced frightened screams
Mother turns her face to the wall
Birth control on this fifth failed
It seems
She pulls a pillow about her exhausted ear
As a calloused foot pushes at her rear
“Get up and get that brat out of here”
Another gray tided day rolls in and soaks her through
Irrevocably beginning urine acrid pullings, whirling chaos
Her apparent due
Stumbles to the crib falls back to the couch
Tumbled blankets there askew
Wretched creature mouth agape searching to devour
Best hoped for peace and blankness for this day, at least for another hour

Monday, November 18, 2013

PAD - Day 18 - Forget What I Said – Remember What I’ve Done

Forget What I Said – Remember What I’ve Done
forget the blowsy poemy letters

filled with tearful joyous images
of y’all trotting in the shining sun
forget the way your teeth ache
with sugared words sprinkled
over a birthday, graduation, birth
or whatever adventure you’ve begun
forget the “to the end of never”
to my one special special lovey one
forget all the well intentioned
inadequate words and
remember who I am, what I meant and oh yes please most of all 
Remember what I’ve done

Sunday, November 17, 2013

PAD - Day 17. Lunch Table Blues


Lunch Table Blues

she’s singing the lunch
table blues
sitting in a plastic
chair warm milk
dented carton
sitting there
from where they
threw it at her
head shouting
that they wished
her dead
staring at the
tray of viscuous
lunch leering
faces linger
an ugly bunch
alone, a stray
their daily prey
so out of the
words that fall
like cherry blossoms
cover her from head
to feet
struggle to retrieve them sent
as she sits – so out of her

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Silky Talk (a Kaitlin poem)


Silky Talk 
(a Kaitlin poem) 

"Come let's race"

He talked "silky"

tall words lanky like
the new colt in the barn
"Come let's race"
and because she was
four and he was no
stranger, just a little
whiskey grandpa breath
she ran with him
barefoot across the
wet grass to the waving
marsh- there in the reeds
his pants dropped in a puddle
pain bloomed blood in her mouth
and there in the isolate murky marsh
a razor flashed honed steel bright
her last four year old befuddled sight
as scythe sliced the finish line ribbon

PAD - Day 16. (4) "Half-Way" Poems


In the rearview mirror (4)

In the rearview mirror
the flash of mountains
the crest of waves
the gentle lapping
lull of a looned lake
at sunrise
In the rearview mirror
infants born in mystic
magic mystery
real red outrage
and go
In the rear-view mirror
grandparents wave
and tangos in
moon- light
on soft sanded
talcuum beaches
beat bongos
powder puff past
wind blown
in the rear-view mirror
tides are rushing
and receding
to a fine thin black line
in the mirrored
of this middling journey
falling fast forward
into the shimmering
rear-view mirror


All the way or no way at all (3)

No half-way
tries for this
whole world
half offers
fall flat
In this whole
world rumbling
with trouble-fixing
from warming earth
to that child waiting for
a net as the skeets buzz
Don’t give me no
half-way measures
As grandpa said
they just don’t cut it
you just don’t cut it
half way doing is
no doing at all


The Walk (2)

Across the waxed wood
a smile o’er
as I
pause on
trembling legs
and begin again
to make my way


I don’t want no half-way hands (1)

I don’t want no halfway
hands – fumbling over
me, leaving fumbled
fingerprints on my
heart, in my head
I want all-the-way
hands grabbing me
hard and sure
and lovin’ me
certain – solid