Saturday, April 9, 2011


8:23 - 1970 - 1990

It was the newest precision watch, accurate in unmatched accuracy
Correct to a fractional second no deviation ever would be 
He was fascinated in one thousand, nineteen hundred and seventy 
Called the time on the phone regularly, watched the second hand click in perfect synchronicity
This creation of the best science brought him this watch The unparalleled Accutron
Used by NASA to launch and yet,  an alarm beeped each day although it was  never turned on
At first we all searched for meaning what could 8:23 be?
When each family event neared we all would think this time it could be
Engagements and weddings,  graduations and each new career
Babies born, surgeries, accidents, joyful surprises,  even a death for a few came quite near
Things happened at all sorts of times obviously 
Years melted one into the other and yet nothing happened at 8:23
Except, of course the alarm which a part of him came to be
A single quiet beep, in movies, in plays, even at second row Broadway shows we did see

A single beep during dinner, in fine restaurants, at home and away
And as the years passed, accepted and smiled at with nary a sigh and no more to say
He never did fix it, never would hear of a potential repair
Perhaps there was no reason, or perhaps there was, he did not either way care
The  beep was part of the precision at eight twenty and three
 Every evening for twenty years a beep beeped faithfully
Over the years becoming his quiet crisp signature sign
The familiar touchstone that signaled he was near and everything fine
Finally, a hot, searing hot summer came with a definite medical end
And though no one said it we wondered if 8:23 was ready finally its message to send
On that last day as he slept,  woke and breathed in the air of another atmosphere
We watched and we waited as the sun set and 8:23 moved nearer and near 
He died the next morning at 11:11 ... Not 8:23 
Although it would have been pretty, death is not poetry


  1. "....death is not poetry" An unexpected and excellent ending to this well spun tale. Enjoyed!

  2. Thank you Gloria...just commented over at your site.:)