Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DAY 27.- POEM 10. - In The Joined Luck of Feral Kitten Meeting NanoWriMo/Analyst on the Run

There once was a November NaNo would-be poet novelist

whose fingers flew on her keyboard between being an analyst

up the stairs from her office she'd run

to complete a few poems and a word count that morning begun

stopped at the door to a tiny meow to find a co-writer fluff ball of fun


  1. PKP,

    I love your poems, your energy, imagination.

    I hope you are the same PKP who participated in the Robert Brewster/Asides PAD. I have been trying to participate in the Wednesday prompts. It appears that the site has either closed down or changed format.

    Can you inform me what has/is happened/happening? Is there another site or other blogs of poets who participated you could suggest?

    thank you for any help.

    lost in space poet
    Rose Anna Hines

  2. Thank you for your comment....YES I AM THE SAME PKP will contact you via e-mail....have been looking for you!