Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DAY 27. - POEM 10.

There once was a November NaNo would-be poet novelist

whose fingers flew on her keyboard between being an analyst

up the stairs from her office she'd run

to complete a few poems and a word count that morning begun

stopped at the door to a tiny meow to find a co-writer fluff ball of fun


  1. Very cute. I can absolutely relate. One of my kitties insists on being a co-writer in everything I writer.

  2. :). Many feral cats where I live...the kittens are completely unapproachable this little guy at less than 2 lbs came to my door three times....after major storms...he let me pick him up and has been a perfect little gentleman ever since... ... Sleeps in his own room with door shut at night, loves water and has a quick morning rinse each day and doesn t make a sound until you go to his door.... He is now 8 months and eight pounds and has never showed any aggression, likes to sut in a cubby ( that he is outgrowing!) at my desk. His name is Oliver, ala " Oliver Twist, famous orphaned boy. I was always very much of a German Shepherd person this is a but like having a bright silken haired child!