Sunday, September 29, 2013

For "Jim" - "Enough Said"


For "Jim' - "Enough Said

they came and gathered as a swarm to worship


so recently gone
their held grief ready to spill behind the comradely smiles
of film-goers meeting at the small hillside theatre where
the sharp edges of their own preciously held life poked
one another in the ribs


as the pre-eminent reminder
they came and watched your film together in the dark
laughed at the right places and all fell together
in the exact center of your Gandolfini eye
twinkling amid unbidden memoried ghosts released
as the credits rolled
and silence rushed - and
in that moment before the lights
those simple words "for Jim"


leaving behind that theater sized smile
absolutely,incomprehensibly, ever-present and gone
for one as grand as you - never enough words
simply the swell of all you were and always shall be
up there on the screen and in the hearts and streaming eyes
of those who stumble in sunlight with your smile branded forever
twinkling with mischievious knowledge of the big joke


"enough said." 

* James Gandolfini, US and international film star and most recently know for his long time run as Tony Soprano unexpectedly and far too early died
in June- his latest film "Enough Said" has been released to critical acclaim and is a fitting tribute to the love and admiration he inspired. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

The unbidden ghosts of bygone belief

Misty Park by Petr Kratochvil.jpg

~  ~  ~

The unbidden ghosts of bygone belief

they come and sit 

the unbidden ghosts of
bygone belief –
gathering in patches of sun-spill
there on the hillside where sharp edges of slaughtered innocence
swarm, scraps of flesh still seeping
for blood-memory is exact and irrevocable

they come and sit 

the unbidden ghosts of trusting giggles
of that little girl with clothes free-falling
haunting each silent shudder
of the now-grown woman
flinching from each would-be loving touch
in servituded-worship
of the ever 

Unbidden Ghosts
sitting at her side  

~ ~ ~

Thursday, September 26, 2013

the road ......

Flower Meadow by Larisa Koshkina- (flower-meadow-1371791084S3k.jpg)

the road 

they say that 
all journeys
begin with a single
and yet
in the misted
past behind
each single
a shimmered
misted yearning
toward the soaring
sound of the
sanctified Siren
calling for
beyond the
still barricaded
birthing in
each distillate
note of plaintive
song the
flowered petals
of possible passage
floating - finally visible
to two singular eyes
the road


with petals
echoing in
a future yet
to unwind
on the road 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A small flurry of "on the road" poems for my sentimental favorite "The Street" aka Poetic Asides

  1. Everything ahead
    Road travel
    is pulse pounding
    something unexpected
    waiting around each
    sensuous curve
    when all is new
    and the world filled
    with Lamour and Hope
    Too many trips
    and the danger
    of running out of
    gas – sputtering
    to a stop overtakes
    overwhelms until
    the needle reads
  2. PKP says:
    On the road to submarine races
    Sat in the car
    with the older boys
    the forbidden boys
    from the church
    in their car
    also forbidden
    and drove
    on the road
    stopped at the
    waters edge to
    watch submarine
    my friend sobbed
    she always sobbed
    I got out
    and stood at that
    lapping bulkhead
    summer wind
    blowing in my hair
    lookinf for
    the hulking shapes
    in the dark flat water
    as the boys anger
    stilled and realization
    dawned – engines roared
    in the quiet car
    as they drove us back
    they too old on the verge of
    jaded – us too young and
    green for racing
  3. PKP says:
    off roading…
    she stood that
    just out of teens
    incarnation of self
    with a lacy long
    dress in hand
    white and untouched
    and could see her
    white satined small
    feet stepping
    on a treadmill
    leading to a distant
    irrevocable forever
    unless she stepped
    off after the ceremony
    and ran
    to the
  4. PKP says:
    The road to ….
    walking instead of running now
    but with the same deterrmined
    steps filled with certainty
    opining and cajoling
    skipping on ny own drum
    beaten path
    of good intentions to a
    destination some surely
    see set in stone
    around a nearby corner