Thursday, April 28, 2011

DAY 28. PA PROMPT " A World Without.." - POEM 1. - Without Dr. Kulachs'  Piano Recital

Without this recital who knows what might have come to be
The etiology of a "pianist's" drama follows immediately:
She was sixteen when finally
She got a seen-better-days-upright
For her birthday
She had wanted to play with a
Passion burnt since age three
The upright could have been the grandest Steinway
Found Dr. Kulachs  Viennese  teacher
In a small studio above the place where they sold pizza
He had a metronome a chair, silver mustache and thick accent
And understood serious classical music her bent
You will not play a single recognizable line for ten years
You will play scales and exercises, You understand there will be no tears
With a commitment only a fervent sixteen year old can make
She begins and with full heart and three daily hours of practice did lessons take
For three weeks and came on a day quite cold
Sat at the metronome and he stopped her with her name written in bold
In a program for first years
A piano recital on January to be
Play a single line of a Brahms lullabye would she
This was not their contract the others were six
She was respectful but pleaded do not humiliate me in this mix
The programs were printed the line she would learn her name there printed in bold
"She would not disrespect him". he would not accept this said he icy cold
He gave her the line simple , she told her family they were not to attend, no tickets sold
At the school that evening she sat a young woman with breasts
Amongst tiny talented kindergarteners all by proud mommy's very best dressed
Finally after the little ones went one then another again and again her name on the page
It was called and-stun stumbled to the center of that vicious floor creaking stage
Took a deep breath it was one line only, this she could do
And on the third note hit it wrong,and clamorously too
And at that moment precisely was through
She stood calmly there with a heart drained pounding and wan 
Walked to the front of the stage offered apologies said she could not go on
Turned and walked quickly trying to find the opening curtain
The exit would be there of that she was certain
It was not and she wandered in nightmare rush
Until eventually found a door to the outside to push
She did not see. Dr. Kulachs until a woman with a babe if her own
Met at the produce section when she returned home for a visit all grown
"Do you play?" he asked her holding onto his cart
She just shook her head as she thought, No not really, just scales, although still in my heart
"It was my mistake you were all children to me
I did not notice the serious young woman, I did not see"
In the bright light of the market in that flourescented aisle
Her heart filled with music as they hard-teared embraced in duet crescendoed smile
PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik


  1. What a wonderful story, Pearl.


  2. Thsnk you you SweetTalking Guy and Flaubert :) may we all play on through the missed notes!