Sunday, July 28, 2013

Encore after the final curtain -

Beautiful Sunshine by MALIZ ONG

Encore after the final curtain*

Into the tiny sparkled city of Wove
One former resident drove
Her face had been scarce
In recent years past
She gripped the wheel hard 
As she drove
This former resident of the
Sparkling city of Wove
Revisited her last rooted strength
As she drove
Felt tired, sad cells, at last
Stir, surge and split 
Happy and fast
As sparkles danced down
To her gas pedaling toes
This former resident of Wove
stopped roadside 
and watched crows soar 
into a slice of blue sky 
As she let go and dove 
Into her rain sopping heart
Found a sunshining grin
A new start within her
home place to begin
In that tiny be-sparkled
city she wove 

* for those who are pulled down by sad poems on Sundays....

Saturday, July 27, 2013

At Mother’s Bedside

Black Water by Darren Lewis

At Mother’s Bedside

One wove on a weary loom
The other two stared silently
Searching for always-
as the revisited rain fell
into rooted resentment
the scent of sprouting
new vegetation
swirling in the air
sweeping last robust cells
with all eroded
sapping her
strength to stop their
flight before crows dropped
the final black curtain on the
sorry business of it all

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Time Of Repair

Healing Powers by Petr Kratochvil
Sunlight After Storm 5 by MALIZ ONG

The Time Of Repair

Now is the time to repair
driven to think of that misty
night of a no-mesh-tear

Now is the time to repair
the slate-buried-hope
under the empty-room of
longing waiting with a bent
key to become one of all

Now is the time to repair
battered-broken promises
of long-ago ones
and followers crying out
with righteous passion
ringing the cracked bell  
for freedom, justice
and the elusive-exclusive
pursuit of happiness

Now is the time to tenderly repair
the ripped flesh of
this nation's intention and integrity
to match positive action
With pluralistic voices
clear as any celestial choir
ringing healing through cracks, 
shining light through fabric-fissures, 
smashing stonewalls to dust

is the time
of repair
consigning hatred
to the misty ambiguity
of evaporated memory

let jagged fragments flow and
meet in a more perfect union  
for all


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Old Head

Old Head 

they said
she had 
an old head
under the
black curls
and the flashing
eyes that
looked back
and forward
intently present

Sunday, July 14, 2013



the clink of chains
long silenced
and yet the click
of metal

conscience lies

conscience lies  
in remembrance of Trayton Benjamin Martin*

there conscience lies together molten in mistake
fluttering like a note in the whirling wind
sense having taken leave as tossed together
jury boxed friends did not second guess, chose to
rest, to translate and left the lab of truth for others
to detect – in the stain. 

this poem speaks to the what I perceive as a blatant travesty of justice in the verdict of acquittal following the trial arising from the kiling of Trayvon Martin - I believe and poets and writers we have an obligation to bear witness and to further the movement toward a more perfect union of our collective humanity.

A Dark Night

Regarding the US case of a young man shot and killed by a neighborhood watch citizen and the resulting acquittal of same last night. IMHO we as citizens of the world must bear witness and continue in our pursuit toward peace for all. I thank the many who responded to this post. As poets and writers I believe we share a responsibility to communicate. Peace and good will toward all..

My heart breaks - My mind is boggled - I am reeling - For all mothers of sons who are young and have dark skin, for all dark skinned men, for all of us of any gender, race, or religion, Americans ALL who must at the lowest bar of morality be sickened by the travesty of the verdict this evening - where a young man on foot wearing a hoodie on a misty evening is deemed a threat to the life of a man following in a car, whose level of perceived "threat" rises to such unimaginable proportions that he EXITS the car and kills. The situation is a travesty of our justice system, which although far from perfect, continues to try to move toward a more "perfect state" ... but more than this this horrible verdict validates the killing of a young man for doing nothing more than "looking suspicious" in his father's neighborhood while returning from a family errand. As a New Yorker, I was warned by family members who live in the state of Florida that there would be no conviction - I chose to believe in the justice system - and that this time they would, on the basis of clear and compelling evidence get it right. Once again, to my heart-break they did not. The shame of this verdict falls on all of us who do too little to bring such injustice to a complete and total halt... I ask forgiveness for those who may misguidedly mix me in with the those who are so blinded by hatred, and ill will that they cannot see evidence clearly before them. Tonight, I hope that there truly is a Higher Power somewhere who can help the misguided. It is a sad night for those who identify themselves with the United States of America. There is little that "unites" us tonight but much that can. Let us see where the opportunity for healing lies in this still bloody gaping wound.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kaitlin Voices

Kaitlin Voices*

Kaitlin voices drift
Pealing syllables climb
Up the scales
Risk vanishing
Into the smoke of memory
Where I sit bereft
A mother in the ever-
stench of scare
It happens, they say
The impossible
The sundressed child
Running barefoot into
It happens they say
The impossible
It might I must admit
Under pressure of
Universal orders
I shall neither accept
Nor understand

*this poem is one of a series of Kaitlin poems (a raped-murdered-four-year-little girl character) 
who is the current subject of a WIP - Missing Kaitlin - for other Katilin poems in the series search this site.