Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dance on the edge of the abyss

Dance on the edge of the abyss*

Life robust bursting 
In the speck of the cerulean
Some dance heads thrown 
back laughing along the
channel in silk slippers
Over rough and sublime

Strange to others 
Who crouch in awaited attack
Filled with frenzy of defense
Never aware it is wayward they 
falling into the abyss 
they so forever fear as
they settle for still feet 
whilst all recedes unmusically 
as the tide of their life inexorably pulls 

*just returned from a few days in St. Thomas - apologies
sparse internet service - wrote these on descent back into
NY - 

Falling Back

Falling Back*

Quite simple on falling to find 
The wayward path and once
Footed to attack in frenzy 
All suddenly strange clawing
With now rough eyes to
Find the channel to carry one
Back to the recollected sublime 
To the robust vividness of 
The shining ball bouncing
In casual elegance of the life
once well-lived 

*just returned from a few days in St. Thomas - apologies
sparse internet service - wrote these on descent back into
NY - 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

it always began like this & One Bed - Two Worlds

it always began like this
the heat a steaming cover
the need to fling it off 

it always began like this

simple unvarnished erotic

tingling blood gorged rosy

gold glistening 

that stomach dropping rise
and dizzying swing over 
like a reckless child over
soft sweet grasses
in an endless field 

it always began like this
palpating, pulsating, persistent
promise of ever vividness

it always ended the same
done, pale, flat,  
finally at last alone, 
pulling off 
sticky sheets, pouring
laundry powders 
showering in melancholy 



One bed - Two Worlds 

Why do you always have to cry
Why does he not know

Are you melancholy
No, the world is rosy 
my path paved with gold

Your moods still swing
Really?  You fool 
I hadn't noticed my tears

Maybe one of the holistic powders
Perhaps a new lover

You look pale
I am nauseous

Maybe if I cover you
If you climb on me I will spray you with Mace

Remember when we lied in the beach grasses
That was not me you idiot! Probably a "fling" one 
of those that didn't mean anything - you, with the 
technique and romance of a stray tom cat!

I love these erotic moments don't you?
Who says this?

For Fabiola D'Antuono - It is all a carnival

For Fabiola D'Antuono

It is all a carnival
Is it not
The clowns
The lights
The ups
The downs

It is all a carnival
Is it not
The spun sugar
On your lips
The concentration
The gleeful slips

It is all a carnival
Is it not
On this revolving
cerrulean dot

It is all a carnival
Is it not 
And until closed
All we get to have got

Friday, July 20, 2012

For the innocents of Aurora Colorado, USA - 7-20-12

Sitting in the dark
In the flickering
Light of
Free assembly
Until a fragmented
Mind explodes

With honor of and respect for the innocents murdered and injured and terrorized in Aurora Colorado-
let no one dignify this fractured bearer of death, pain and fear.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Poet Play and Whispers in the dark

Poet Play

Across the screen in flicks of wonder
swells the spray of poetic play

Born from the grittle of persistent leader
who with due gravity apologized for
a misspoken word this day

Here in land of Wordle where such
anomalies plant low lying trigger relishes
a daisy chain spreads a crack through her and himility 
weaving cool refreshment through this humid way

As all through the forest the queen bird
Wren calls claim in sweet pealed misplaced humility
Having sparked the sweet welcomed echoed refrain 
Tripped the trigger of low lying relishes
springing collective all in joy-full smiling embellishes 

Thanks for the fun :)

or on a bitter-sweet note....

in the flowing dark

With gentle
flicks he slaps her sweet dewy bottom cheek
As passion swells they pull the covers against the spray
Pulled down by gravity and grittle, implanted seed they pray
Hope pulls the trigger on their empassioned relishes
As his chain of stoicism springs a sudden crack spilling
“I love you, I love you, I love you, I am sorry” he whispers in the flowing dark
Himility gushes pouring hot and wet and true dripping in the crook of her neck
A wet refrain as he lays claim to their empty waiting crib
Their world shimmering in tears of impotent regret

Sunday, July 8, 2012



In the ignorant spurn of time, each year spinning as balls of yarn toward eternity – they suck the rind, taste the sting on tongue and as focused as housewives hanging fresh laundry fail to notice the fall of subtracting days into the shallow open drawer of life. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July - May Our Ideals Fly -

Not an eagle - nevertheless - a lovely soar 

Red white and yes blue
Stirring sparklered envision
Same place different eyes