Friday, October 5, 2012

Willows Work

Yellow Rose by David Wagner

Willows spent all that day perched on the crust
of a coming rustle - mending, mending
Keeping several stitches beyond the unbearable 
Refusing entrance to the unthinkable 
Mending mending in the fever summer the
brittling  petals on that last rose of summer
Mending, mending 
before a premature piercing frost fell in icy sheaths 
Rendering any charm powerless

Willow spent, all that day bent over her work
Needle flashing in the sunlight - drops of crimson blood
On soft fingertips 
Until it was done 
and there in the lowering shimmered sunslant
that almost lost last rose of summer explode 
in brilliant blossom as
Willows wept in sweet summer showers


  1. I love the comparison of things coming to an end, and also comparison of the piercing needle/piercing crystals.

    "Sunslant" is a great kenning, not many writers employ those.

  2. I like the outcome of the mending..a beautiful summer rose poem ~ Lovely share ~

  3. Good use of the words, Pearl.

  4. Oh....poor Willow! Well done! I liked it all!

  5. Found myself whispering as I read as though my presence were an intrusion on this tapestry you have woven.


  6. Love the idea of the willow working away through the changing weather.....and then the blossoming of the rose as the willow weeps. Lovely.

  7. Stunning piece--really--gorgeous writing -and so richly evocative--

  8. Beautifully written - rich in imagery and use of words.

  9. This is lyrical and fine and I love the repetition, almost a chant in the first stanza "mending, mending" - very lovely, as is the rose.

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  11. Oooh thank you all for stopping, resdng and commenting ... I deeply appreciate your rip comments. Will return tomorrow to visit any of you I might have missed and to respond individually to your reactions Willow

  12. The words have been beautifully used in this...Seamlessly done...


  13. This reminded me of the song, Willow, Weep For Me... I didn't even notice the Wordle hidden within this ode to the resilience of the tree, despite the coming frost. Hannah, this was so beautiful, especially when read aloud. Bless you! Amy

    1. Hi Amer ! Thanks for stopping by .... Not sure if you meant this comment for me or for Hannah :)