Sunday, October 30, 2011

WORDLE #28 - The Pumpkin's Tale

The Pumpkin's Tale

There in the patch
he twitched far from
the Sidewalk where Those
came for the others now caught
Peeked up the crooked
road where they'd vanished
keeping wide eyes slit silent as he had been taught

still hearing mother, father, each with their own thump.
thrown into a truck, tail-lights flickering echoing,
still echoing, echoing, their terminal gurgle and bump

There in the patch
he twitched far from the Sidewalk in glistening prime
as one of the Those with a lip to a bottle presaged End Time

a Those with a signature thumb bloody,from all who the Those carved, disemboweled
the sweet stink of rot through the solid cold of night air
stumbling, drunkenly, slurringly inches away there it gutter howled

Phleghm thick in throat, eyes red, head back moving on stilts leaned toward the moon and piercingly did it then bay
This, his Destined One of the Those,in the black night cawed thunderingly, grinningly, toothlessly close,"Anybody here?" did it finally then say

As there in the patch, in his prime, alone in the cold empty night
His destined one of the Those brought down the machete with all of its murderous might...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wordle #27 IN and OUT & Wordle #27 ELEMENTARY

In and Out 

there through a ragged break in the rusted-out drain pipe she catches cloud 
bridges arcing,
beginning to whiten, rolling through the cerulean  glaze of the new morning sky
There stretched legs straighten as she nods in glorious self-affirmation of 
and mindful of the jutting burst of blade outside her still strong heart begins 
to drag herself


"Just the elements. Rusted-out, this will never more be any good "
The handyman's helper nods agreement as he has been told he should
Feigns interested inspection even as his eyes begin over to glaze
Past the mother and lawn furniture to the daughter stretched in bikinied blaze
Not quite nineteen is he rolling through the grass aware of each sensuous 
fragrant blade
Drawn across the span of "they" and "he" and "should" and "never" drawn to where 
she laid
Until he sprawls, no longer ragged beside her all bridges between them blown to 
so much frag
Spinning in clouds of possibility achieved - Vanished in a finger snap and a 
bruising shoulder drag    

Sunday, October 16, 2011


It was in The Shallows
long ago a distant crush gathered in
the song of dancing music
trembling the earth as the girl feet
already sore stumbled forward in the dark
thinking of simpler days of running hoops
as he burst as a bolt from nowhere beside her
grabbing roughly her fancy dressed shoulder
she topples broken into the dust of never
forgive, causes kept in the tremble of
the earth and the music faded long ago
consigned all to this single dangled drop of time
in The Shallows long ago  

Sunday, October 9, 2011

WORDLE #25 That Callow Fellow

rambunctious, admire, swallows, pond, ballroom, obsolete,
hat-rack, fallow,  crumb, bell, automobile, garden 

There in the moon shine swallows’ wings dip in pond shadows
as a rambunctious fellow climbs from his new now obsolete
Model T- cranked driving automobile, leaving it cooling coughed sputters at the end of the road
as he walks with purposeful strides across the lawn through the lily garden tossing a crumb from his top-coat over his shoulder as the bell tolls nine, flamencos the foyer twirls his fedora from shimmering hair onto the gleaming hat-rack sheds his cashmere and keeps moving
inside the expectant faces of five innocent belles peal softly fallow
as he with his glinting eyes drenched in charm, cologne and swagger finally enters the parting velvet sea of admire

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Lost in an amnesiac adventure,
cobbled by a misted miasma of myriad memory – suddenly a concrete clarity rips the diaphanous veil revealing each feature of that familiar tiny face floating undeniable signs of the crumbling of the walls of peaceful oblivion - bringing the chill of the dreaded remember into the shadow thrown by that clapboard church – standing still, alone and fully awake before a circle of fresh turned earth
Fearful, of each unrecalled yesterday and as yet
unfurled tomorrow.