Sunday, January 12, 2020

and the show must go on...

and the show must go on...

Change the channel ...
that low buzz, buzz, 
that bell that buzzes
burrowing beneath bone
that slow burn beneath 
the skull as they file in, bow
heads, sign to each other,
murmur sugar smiles -
this sea of black cloth over
shifting bodies, seated in
style of the living come to 
buzz as the ground bursts 
into the void - they lowering
the plain pine box - as she 
stares - a small fly in the vast 
Universe wrapped in a seemly 
daughter disguise - staring, 
beseeching in silent scream - 
Change the channel ....
Change the damn channel ...

Sunday, January 5, 2020

To my fellow worders at at the new Poets and Storytellers United

Hi all - Just wrote a congratulations and happy happy - hmm something is going awry and my comments are not posting.  Nevertheless I am thrilled to have found you and I'm sure this lost soul will be found by you as well. My original glad tidings were a bit more eloquent perhaps but I hit send  and whoosh off they went... Since I see my link up there and I'll try posting my comments here:
Helllooooo ... here I am again... Welcome to the birth of Poets and Story Tellers United - delighted to have found you and the new site. First of all Happy Healthy New Year and looking forward to the whirl of words and wordsmiths and most of all the wonderful camaraderie of sharing, and caring for and about one another our impressions and expressions on and about this wonderful spinning blue marble we all share.  Cheers m'dears.