Saturday, December 16, 2017

Stun Run

Stun Run 

I run - through broken time,
through this slippery shock
as the chain of legacy snaps.
I run - through broken time,
blind-sided, breathless - run
through sweet grass - runner
with a shard in her shoe a lock
on backwards, onwards doors -
I run - through broken time,
pierce the screen of never - into
Yes. Now – Heart jagged sliced with
a razored tongue tone-honed into in –
Different difference - I run - through
broken time, poignantly, pathetically,
gathering the shimmering shards of
yesterday - As though they could be
restored – I run through broken time –
back to when, then, I walked through
time, heart whole, head high, smiling  
certain, that only more of the same a-
waited over a trusted, beloved horizon...
and now, in the flickering light- I let the
shards fall where they may and 
rest, letting time 
run, as it always
has - on its own. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

"Justice will roll down..."

"Justice will roll down ...."*

What is this thing called justice ?
ached and yearned for - believed
in as a manna'ed after life, be -
moaned as ever trampled - punishment 
or promise - a song that escapes from
parched souls - slaking or taunting thirst, 
this sound of penitence and pleading, 
collapsed in weary tear streams - a blessed
thank or outraged curse - a drive of wishes 
for of all that can be in a golden chariot of light - 
a wealthy child's party, ponies and spun sugar cake -
castles in the sky - or a fallen mud hut in fly buzzed
waste - This many faced thing - justice - 
grace notes cast,  voted each moment 
in the each and every by the each and 
every - as we stand together and apart 
all exist in the torrent spill or spray as this 
thing called justice rolls down ....or as ....
inexplicably wondrous as salmons upstream 
swim, somehow reaches up to push us all 
forward ... 
what is this thing 
called and calling 
justice ...

“But justice will roll down like water and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream” Amos 5:24,” Comey wrote on Twitter; he also cross-posted on Instagram.