Saturday, April 30, 2011

DAY 30 - FINAL POEM ... AFTER LEAVING HERE ... APRIL PAD 2011- dedicated to fellow writers at Poetic Asides aka (for myself and some others) "The Street"

After Leaving Here - I Will be There

I wrote the other night to all that I could possibly include
knowing somehow that this year this ending April would be a difficult interlude
Wrapped in the moon-silvered and glimmering
The sense of collective community a chorus of one voice
Fragmented and in the street still simmering
Whispered on the air, drifting in the soft night breeze
The comfort of the muses rising from each to other singing
Sweet, painful, searing lyrics to each other seizing every soul
Until the street was emptied and all that remained
Were these wispy whispered fragments, shimmering with soft light
As each lingering poet walked ostensibly alone in the darkened lonely night
As the pavement glistened, sole foot-falls rising from the ground
To meet with the others for leaving this place although one bound
Never is actualized, never does occur - once Muses meet and coalesce
Forever vanished, extinguished that existential torment on the street that is a living tapestry
Good night to all the knowledge that creativity is a brilliant speck of an incomprehensible vast collective universal oneness...

To De.. who began today... I agree as usual this April somehow more difficult and to MA Dobson - my birthday kindred spirit I will meet you at the waters' edge and into the turquoise depths dive and dissolve..until De and the others come to the ever after and arise in one new form or another on the street, that we have never left. The Street that inspires, sustains, challenges and soothes, the street that is Poetic Asides.
We are individuals and and we are one...
Always and forever ...
I am not re-reading this... I am at the water's edge - I see MA Dobson and the others in the distance
as I dive...and for an instant disappear...


  1. You are such an amazing artist; with your keyboard as your palette you paint masterpieces.
    I feel blessed to have found your artistry.

  2. My goodness Gloria... if I wore hats I might have to get a larger size. THANK YOU:)