Wednesday, February 28, 2024

It’s not just a cup of tea


It’s not just a cup of tea 

steaming swirling in a smooth cup clutched in my hand 

         It’s an elixir of hope  

It’s not just the sprinkled stevia swirling sweetly on my lips   

         It’s the promise of succor

         It's not just a cup of tea

         It's the sip  

         of luminescent life

        slipping down

        my parched throat

        swelling my soul

        in the shimmering sea of now 

         It’s not just a cup of tea 

        It is not just a cup of tea

         As I sip the last and set it 

        down with a clink – 

        my hand opens – 

        my fingers unclench

       the tremulous trembling stills

        breath steadies, eyes clear, 

        heart beats quiet calm ..  

         It is certainly not just a cup of tea

        My mystic magic ministration 

        There for the steep and the sipping whenever

         the fragility of all that it is chillingly seeps ....



Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Color ?


why is the sky blue?  asks the child

is the sky blue? asks the philosopher

why is the earth brown? asks the child

is the earth brown? queries the scientist

in all manner of shades shimmering on

the wings of birds in flight, dipping into

seas and lakes, streams rippling over

rock, toads sitting on lily pads, insects

buzzing on fields of flowers, 

mountain tops and graveyards, 

infant skin and elders’ hair, 

conflagrations and quiet meadows, 

savannahs, and crayons 

throughout the chaos of this life

pulsing with blood, bone and 

imagination … throughout it all

color runs, flies, crawls, seeps,

bursts, or ...  does it? 

is all a mere inking over the 

raw lines of existence - yet...

should the spectral spectrum of 

brilliance shared be so – 

does it finally fade to black as

do we? ...

Is all tint, but a human construction 

for this otherwise bland world?

What is real? What is color? 

Is death the absence of hue ... 


Perhaps there shall come a 

conclusive, cosmic, collaboration 

of color, a klieg lit nova of luminescent 

illumination, formerly elusive,

entirely incomprehensible 

mimicked by mere mortal imagination -  

only unlocked with the loosening

of physical coil      


any rainbow

Saturday, February 10, 2024




in the arms of a parent

curled on one’s side

tears wiped with a 

cool cloth as stutter

sobs recede ..

breath slowing

breeze gently blowing 

the light cover soft 


in the arms of a parent