Saturday, April 16, 2011

DAY 16 PA PROMPT -SNAPSHOT POEM 4. - In Front Of the Piano - First Snapshot as a Family

In Front Of The Piano - First Snapshot as a Family 

One curly haired dimpled nine year old boy, serious face watching the ceiling 
One tiny girl espresso hair sleek as a wet baby otter, eyes sparkling
Both holding trailing ribbons tied to a dozen giant helium balloons, arched into a
Floating rainbow chuppa, bouncing inches above the top of each parent's head
The children dressed in their holiday best, the girl in a party dress, the boy in a jacket
As they wished
The rabbi wears jeans with ironed creases, a blue shirt and tie
The bride and groom white shirted, hers pure silk opened two buttons
His school teacher Oxford cotton rolled to the forearm 
Her jeans ride low on slim hips,  as do his, she on tiptoe in soft heeled boots, he in new Fryes 
Snow falls outside the living room window 
Shirts stretch as they soul seal kiss their vows, shining bands lighting their fingers
His and Hers German Shepherd dogs sit straight, ears up, eyes bright in the flash of the
Photo snapped by the older boy who did not want to be in the picture



Two Snapshots In One Double Frame 

Baby boy at breast
Flushed faced 
One dimple showing
Eyes looking up 
to the face
the shot

Tall grown man at front of Capitol
High colored
One dimple showing
Eyes looking straight ahead 
to the face 
the shot

Side by side in a double frame
Time passed - minimal needed to refocus   

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