Tuesday, April 3, 2012

to my almost baby - (written to an april poem-a-day prompt to write an apologetic and unapologetic letter)

to my almost baby …..

You might have been
a gentle wind-mill baby
catching each fluttered
filament of flowered fantasy
in your special world of ever
or not
you might have been breath
in flesh staring feeling
only pain
they could not tell me which
and I too hope deprived to
wait for tulips and windmills
too in love with the possibility
of you to grow you to imprisoned
forever- pain….. chose
a forever apology


I saw you grainy and beginning real
began to believe in you in the
bump of belly
my rubied blood boasted
all is well
your few surrendered cells
stated clearly nothing was
I did not wait for you to
fade and end before first breath
I let you start again
somewhere else
with tears of love
and belief in
new beginnings

(since many have asked neither of these is autobiographic but the point of view of either is well known to me)


  1. These are very tender, Pearl. And rather heart-rending.Lovely writing.

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