Sunday, September 20, 2015

Evict Edict

Evict Edict  

It came in a plain white envelope
that word evict - in stark black
glowing like a poor magician’s
parlor trick – titillating threat
to vanish her ephemeral home
by sleight of hand – whoosh –
Such things should not come in
plain white envelopes such a
threat should not deny its evil
intent – it should creep up to
the door and dash away in a
black cloud of stink leaving the
stench of the valley of the death
of hope burning behind – Now,
she sits envelope dropped to floor
hands over her ears waiting for
the fear to subside – waiting until
with a rush of sudden inspiration
she stands, throws open the door
and runs in a free-flee-glee of
slapping feet into the nick of time
over the horizon.  

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gentle steps

Gentle Steps

Let my step be delicate as
I walk through the sand of 
time allotted in this given
life – let me disturb not a
single blade of beach grass 
as I pass –let me leave un-
molested the pastel-tender
wild- flowers sprinkling
the path that leads
down sea-ward
Let my step be
delicate as I
walk in the
sands of
time into
an aqua-
sea as it
rises to
rock me
in an


Saturday, September 12, 2015

A child was born…


A child was born…

Far and long ago from the echo of my heart
a son was born - washed along the shore of
aquamarine waters–the drizzle of a formerly
uncertain heaven showering light onto this –
phantastical fresh face blinking itself indelibly
into the lines of my soul – the silhouette of all
that was sacred traced by a fingertip run along 
the incomparable down of this cheek  nuzzling 
my suddenly ripe breast- this new-born infant – 
this new-born me –swelling with love – dazzling 
sensing each reprogramming of every cell of my being –
breaking the chrysalis of my individual self soaring into 
motherhood - rising from white sands sparkling spun sugar

Far and long ago –yesterday in the shadow
of falling-towered-memories -  tomorrow on
a day when I will drift into the whisper of the
wind – this love continues – unchallenged –
unassailable –this far road of the heart walked
along the shore of birth – laying in the ecstatic
drizzle of perfumed air – the seeded sprout-love
blazing forth in hibiscus tree- blossomed glory –
running my again young fingertip down this miracle 
of down-velvet silhouette on this newly appeared face, 
laying in lush repose -sated and ripe as lines drew magical 
mystical indelible images across my very soul changing forever 
the landscape of my self - as softly the finger of grace  itself brushed my eyes  

Monday, September 7, 2015

Money sleeps

Money sleeps

She should have disbelieved her friends who
said there would be a warning – a signal from
the tower – There was nothing but the bridge
burning –and she ran with the women to the
pond standing each with at least a lone infant
wrapped in a skirt torn from her body- holding
babies high above the scum – as night fell and
fires burned - they stood together unscreams
behind chattering teeth – Nothing more than a
collection of wasted organs – unrelated DNA
their tears and gasps and horror, insignificant
as a single cell is to a mammoth – as Money
turned on the telly, shut the windows, flicked up
the AC, pulled the curtains closed, spraying air –
freshener to clear the annoying stench of death 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Oh, play pretend

Oh play pretend - damn the demanding
silence – Come back and play pretend.
Send flying verses over my head folded
like paper air-planes holding your secret
inscriptions to me– your patient progeny –
Oh play, play, play pretend and banish the
capped stench of grief and death alive under
the scars – stanch the scarlet river running 
beneath protestations of healing – Feverish, 
infected with yearning - I cry under my calm 
coolness of fabricated, fatuous, “moving on” –
If I cannot have you back –
and I can not have you back–
Oh play pretend! 
I have waited five and twenty years now since
footsteps echoed from your shoes rather than
walking throughout my heart, my mind, my soul.    
Oh play pretend and for just one moment – Live.