Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DAY 26- POEM 7. Strike Up the Band

Here we go and here we come
marching from four corners there
our leader carrying that four legged chair
Banging, clanging, singing proud and loud
Trumpets blasting in the air
Our leader carrying that four-legged chair
In a circle jiggling, wriggling, stomping fun
Forgetting why or where we have begun
Until someone finally shouts in the air
Why does that person have a chair?
And in the way we've come to know
The chair is handed to that person and
on we go
In the march from here to there
With only one four-legged chair


  1. I quite like the way you have used the image of the four legged chair throughout this piece.

  2. Thanks Andy... I did too...wish I knew what it meant... :)