Sunday, April 24, 2011

DAY 24 -PA PROMPT -A "PRAYER"- POEM 1. An Agnostic's Prayer

Wouldn't it be nice
If in this fathomless stratosphere
There actually was a Universal Consciousness
Sparking, Sparkling, Sentiently, Sensitively, Simply, There


  1. A beautiful sentiment, Pearl. It would be lovely indeed.


  2. While I am a firm believer in divine beings, this poem seemed to me also something of an appeal to mankind for a universal consciousness (which would be great).

    Found this despite your troubles listing it at Writer's Island :)

  3. This Christian thinks that's right on target. I mean, the Christian idea works for me, but not to the exclusion of other paths. I say it's about the journey, and if the journey includes the values you detailed, what a wonderful world we would walk upon... Lovely. Amy (whose hubby is a pastor and whose daughter is agnostic)

  4. Wouldn't it be " great" in all senses of the word! :)

  5. Thanks Amy would and I do believe could be this wonderful world.....