Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Drop - A Decision Deferred

The Drop

They had let the conversation
He would not vow to
a promise he would not keep
She thought it all just a pretty party

They had not decided 
Not quite yet
What they would do 
When the baby came

Their flushed enmeshed excitement
Faded their fear, obliterated all urgency
It all seemed so distantly unimportant
And when the child came
In that  rush of magic 
They floated
Mystified by the majesty
Of their manifested union 


On a tide of others tenderness
They somehow stood 
Dazed in incense
Breathing uncertain gasping pants
Sentient and not completely complicit 
In a service showering spine chills 
Hearing smiling prayers echo on vaulted
Marble and a single drop
Feeling sprinkled water divide
In two pings dangling on each furrowed forehead

As something holy scurries

Beginning family flaps ribboning 
Into a distant forever 
Their six packs of discussion
Discarded as forgotten empties
As between them 
their wet-headed infant
Baptized into ambivalence 

Original Collage by Patricia Anne McGoldrick


for creating this wonderful collage including each of the 21 poets published in the new anthology Beyond The Dark Room 


Congratulations to Patricia Anne McGoldrick

for creating the wonderful author's promotional collage featured below for our new collection


Friday, September 28, 2012

Whiny Woman - and 8 other "Whiny" Limericks for Mad Kane's Limerick Off Week of 9-23-12


Whiny Woman
A woman who tended to whine
Was surprised by her guy’s snappy line
“If you don’t shut your yap”
You will find quite a gap
Cause you’re driving me straight out of my mind”*

I know a cheat


A fellow who tended to whine
Inveigled a girl with a line
I can’t help it you see
My brother metaphorically taught me
That seduction is all on the vine
Red And White Wine by Petr Kratochvil


A fellow who tended to whine
Why can’t it my words work into a line
Instead they stammer
With no shred of glamour
And no woman in bed that is mine

Red And White Wine by Petr Kratochvil


A woman who tended to whine
Was raised as a princess divine
Thought she should be granted
Whatever whim she greedily panted
Stuck them all through the heart with a tine


A man tended to whine
Why is this not for our gender just fine
All the time women do it
Expecting sparkling goodies and no shit
Yet when we plead all we get is our asses to shine


A woman tended to whine
“Why when we’re apart do you not pine”
He said “All I can savor and hear,
when you’re not with me my dear”
Is sound of the thoughts that are mine


A woman who tended to whine
Foxy news is fair balanced and fine
All the others out there
Have those facts laid out bare
Which just get in the way of the Divine


A man who tended to whine
Pulled his few hairs at the following line
“If they cannot afford college tuition
Let them ask their parents to kick in
Mine did. Don’t “their’s” want them to shine?”


A woman who tended to whine
Forgive me for so many not fine
Was a long day of visits to MDs
Needed to wash away hee-bee-jees
Unfortunately, I fear you all reaped the brine

Red And White Wine by Petr Kratochvi

There was a woman who tended to whine
That when prodded she drifted off line
Kept typing in stream
Of an unconscious dream
Filled often with waste matter not wine

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September Heights - Quick-Step- Catchup - Days 19-26

Day. 27 Footprint
in the bleeding heart
faint imprint of your footprint
from that painful spring

Day. 26 Paper boat

away on water
aquamarine true blue
sailing as though real

Day 25. Sleep

differing from death
morning light awakening
puffing breath in air

Day 24. Paradox

the gentle gardener
respecting the private bloom
kills with carelessness

Day 23. Hummingbird
whirring flashed wing
spinning summer from spring
vanishing as seen

Day 22.  Birth
coalescent love
merged in mystic manifest
wombed life springing free

Day 21. Glory
pounding timpani
flushed within the reddened skin
in the summered awe

Day 20.  Lights

cameras follow
action fast approaching
film for all seasons

Day 19. Island

homeland of the heart
drift of frangipangi sense
floating paradise

Private Property

Private by Jiri Hodan

Private Property
She taped the crayoned sign
to her bedroom door
and slipped beneath
thick covers
falling into
swift slumber
believing in the inviolate
safety of her solution

A Haiku of a chance

Photo by Junior Libby

Wintry game of chance
Entice these empty bellies
Inside Stew-Savor