Sunday, April 17, 2011

DAY 17 - PA PROMPT - BIG PICTURE - POEM 5. Big Picture - Little Girl

Take each day as a given gift

It is not guaranteed

Perhaps not the most reassuring

Intonement, perhaps not a three- year-old's

Life creed

Yet held in strong young arms

Black hair gleaming on his head

Drawn to share something in case he soon was dead

Showed me grains of sand and

Vast sky and rolling sea

Comforted by the grandness

By the beauty of the small

Of the interconnectedness of the tapestry 

shimmering of each, in every, that is the Universal All

Take each day awake as a gift he said

Look at the sand, the sea, the sky

Each creature, flower petal, each leaf

Shimmer-whispering rustling in each tree

And, if I should soon leave and go,

You will find me there and everywhere

All is there for you to feel and come differently to know

Although you might as you know me, not see

I will be where all things living are, this I tell you so

Where all does shift, and merge one into the other

In the big picture, moving in the wind, seas, sky and very air

continuing in the ever flowing show

( will edit later....just a thought )