Saturday, April 18, 2015

Weekend in the country with cat and bird

Weekend in the country with cat and bird  -

She woke to a cat curled on a plump corner chair.
Sunlight spilling on vased flowers - in those un-askew moments
waking in the guesthouse – she smiled - the cat opened
one eye and then another – in steady emerald stare -stretching
in that languid feline way – in feigned innocence of the unhappy crimson pull of dawn’s nightmare furry sanguinary fury –
She turned, poor-still happy-hapless- house-guest,
suddenly startled by the silence of her sweet songbird –
turned to the pretty cage carried along with her –
Its door now curiously opened –
its tiny occupant unrecognizable
but for that precious puff
of yellow feathers stirring
in the breeze
from her hosts’
open window carrying her
soft scream into the now


  1. Sadly felines make their own rules. How curiously enticing was the way you used the words with a clipped cruelty all of their own.

    1. I agree: There is a "clipped cruelty" here, and we the readers are clipped right along with it.

  2. Oh yes, innocent-seeming kittens have their own ideas about the fate of birds, don't they? It is indeed a natural instinct, but somewhat off-putting all the same...good poem.

  3. What a wonderful story a fable...i love the colours and the imagery and the apparent laziness under which lies the motions of the world..

  4. Oh dear. The cat will just act like nothing is wrong and all is fine in the world. I feel sorry for the owner of the songbird.

    Very much enjoyed reading this -- very nice imagery in this one, enough to picture the scene and mood, which turned from peaceful to a not-so-nice discovery. :D

  5. what an abrupt change!! cats will be cats...sigh...a lovely poem

  6. This poem really 'grabs' me, Pearl. You have set the scene & carried it out. I can just see that cat's innocent look & feel the sadness the hosts must feel when they realize their precious songbird is gone.

  7. Oh - the cat's nature is its own.. So sad when all is changing.. Reminds me of the fable of the scorpion and the frog,

  8. A complete surprise but very well plotted.

  9. Such a lovely fable of a poem... :D
    Loved the vivid imagery and tone!

  10. Well penned... I hope you weren't the beautiful bird :-(

  11. lovely images.. watching cats is some sort of meditation :)

  12. I was drifting along so beautifully, till the ending.....such is life, and you have captured it so perfectly!

  13. Oh my goodness, you painted such a peaceful scene, until suddenly... And then you painted that one with telling restraint. Beautifully written, Pearl.

  14. There is absolutely nothing better than waking, "to a cat curled on a plump corner chair."

  15. O oh... though maybe it's as nature intended.

  16. it was a beautiful tragedy - the way your words flow.. how to story unfolds.

  17. Oh dear! But an excellent use for the wordle words to make this poem.