Monday, April 20, 2015

PAD - Day 20 -my blank, the blank poem - My Kaitlin, the raped-murdered-four-year-character

My Kaitlin, the raped-murdered-four-year-character

She came on the edge of April
in the corner of the living room
near the front door and window
blonde tousled curls, dimpled
hands held over her silent giggle-
she had those china blue eyes
of baby-dolls and fairytales -
in the corner of the living room 
in a pale yellow sundress softly
thin with play -short on plump 
sun-blushed-thighs -she loved 
peanut butter sandwiches cut
in perfect triangles - running in
the green field barefoot in cool
grass toward the forest - though
she was told not to-She was simply
Kaitlin - She was four. Murder-raped 
and left - for parents to find -
for me to know - alive -
in the corner of the living room -
She asked nothing of me -
I've given her nothing much in return - 
an armful of poems-two unclear novels
She asks nothing- expects everything -
-her sundress, still pretty, her curls still 
tousled - so close 
I can count each crescent moon of 
each pink fingernail - all these years 
later -new grass, sunshine and earth 
floating on the edge of April -holding 
My Kaitlin, my would be character -
living - raped and murdered child,
who left me with herself- 
her story already written 
in the ungraspable 

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