Wednesday, April 15, 2015

PAD - Day 15 - Adjective Poem - Terror-fried

Lynn Greyling

In the intellectual corner
of my inner illumed room 
safe as the floating embrace 
of the womb– Sweet musical-shush,
rational-emotion meditation speaks –
breathily whispers–whispers in that hallowed hush  
“There is peace at the core”
trust in peace not only allowed but
 “Peace is the law…”
I slip onto a creek-bank in repose- 
on a gentle sloped shore –
dip into cool water finger and toes –
river-rocks smooth-terror-cools-fades-no-more-now recedes 
as trust in peace ribboning gentle-proceeds
Breath comes easy inhaled-exhaled-clear-untrembled soft-smiled – 
Finally-free… –
at the same moment the phone pings a cruel end to the respite
bringing fear fueling flames back-burnering me…
Retreat into the corner of the intellectual mind
hot eyes roving wildly, pulse-pounding-peace- no-
Where to find.

and after a while in the lift from terror past gloom ... 
in the illumined inner corner of my mystic softly lit room
there always myself waiting within...
the surge to peace stirs to unfurl
and is again borne to begin  

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