Tuesday, April 7, 2015

PAD - Day 7 - Love and Anti-Love



 The journey is sweeter than ever
Far fewer bumps - perhaps just easier
when we jump them together perfectly
in synch -  You have somehow become
the template of ‘man’ to me - I have been
treated each day as a woman worth more
than rubies far more than I have earned
   Apparently there is no end to
   your love - mine begins anew
   each day Never a trip planned
   to take with you – impossible
    now to fathom without this  
   magic separate connectedness
  we have grown – winding about
   each other – entwined as two
  birches - green leaved blossoms 
-autumn leaves flamed and crisp
trunks growing full and stronger
each year – reaching heavenward
You have created a bower of bounty
with me -a place to shelter and be
sheltered a redefinition each day
of what love and marriage can be



I knew a time when my heart
pounded and I would watch a
face for that vein that would
flicker and then pulse purple
on the side of his head – his
terrible “tell” of the rage to
come a tsunami that would
sweep all in its path looking
for me. I knew a time when
even paradise itself could
not set this upside down
pseudo-love rightside up
I knew a time ….

I knew a time….

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Pearl. I have been in both of these places. So thankful we are both in the the safe Love place, now. Well done.