Sunday, April 12, 2015

Turn the page -

Turn the page

Carefully she squeezed a dollop

Of cement onto the tooth-brush
Leaned over the sink and with a
stop caught her avoided morning
reflection – let it vanish up the air
vent to her half dreamt
vision of self –
young woman of
then, light of foot
free of all weight –
and belly-
dancing –
barefoot on aquamarine shores –
Ready to ravish and be ravished
in the orange glow
of a new as yet
unlived day –
All so delicious
she could eat it
with a spoon
and did


  1. The imagery is quite captivating and sensual. It's something we all do: think back to our younger, more supple selves. This is a beautiful poem to share on this sunny Sunday morning!

  2. Amazing like a dream I am lifted to my have dreamt self...light airy and oh so happy...she is there somewhere. I adored the ending....eating up the day with a spoon! We should all strive for that, and with that thought I am going out to the garden to eat it up with a spoon!

  3. tis a sun shinny poem of facing the day with triumph; enjoyed

    have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  4. This is such a dreamy poem :D loved the imagery and overall feel of the poem :D
    Hope you have a great week ahead :)

  5. That young woman is still remembered within, where she lives, at odds with our morning reflections, in my case quite scary, LOL. I enjoyed this, Pearl.

  6. A dollop of cement on a toothbrush wouldn't be my 'cup of tea,' You have set an interesting scene here, and I hope her yet unlived day turns out to be one of her best.

  7. How we all wish to be there with the warm sand between our toes ready to ravish or be ravished...

  8. your poem and the accompanying images were just soothing to my lenses. i commend your creativity and vision. very aesthetically tropical. loved it!!!

  9. Ah youth! This makes me feel the aliveness of it

  10. Oh, if we could always let that dreaded and much-avoided morning reflection vanish :-) This is so full of optimism and joy of life. Love it!!

  11. What a delightful dream while doing the chores!

  12. When we turn the page such vision does catch our mind to take us to the doorstep of happiness for a moment...lovely

  13. You have to eat the honey when you can - that's why god gave us false teeth and poligrip!

  14. The one in the mirror isn't the one we are.

  15. Enjoyed the dreams and photos !

  16. Oh yes. This happens to me in the mornings, that young svelt girl gone, the page turned to an image I avoid. Love how you capture such a human moment so beautifully.

  17. We needed that moment to realize that we are alive and that we have been enjoying life. Great write, Pearl.

    Loved the photos too.