Thursday, April 30, 2015

PAD - Day 30 - Bury the .... Poem 1. Berry-The Sweet China-berry Days

Berry- The Sweet China-berry Days 

Mari-Beth wore her
 glorious flamed-hair 
piled high in a careful 
musssed affair- gliding 
into the OutRigger hang-
out - that place with 
the hatch cover tables
and the concrete floor
dart board in the corner
burgers on the grill -
back there in St. Croix 
USVI - She wore a flowy 
white organza shirt and 
linen slacks -ordered some 
pink drink and let her Peke
take tiny sips as we all
listened to her roll out 
a sweet-strap-molasses
southern drawl -all of
us barefoot-flip-flopped
expats - in cut-off jean 
shorts, tee-shirts and 
bathing suit tops -
brown from windy sun
on sailboats - salty
from afternoon swims
dried off and drinking
cold Heinekins in 
icy green bottles as 
she told of china-berry
tales ....

Oh... wait "bury" ?

Love you all - each and every one of you here - those who are familiar faces and voices - those new-to-me fellow travelers - I love each syllable drifting down this Street grown so bustling - and though the voices have over years gone by expanded into a chorus worthy of a tabernacle we still make sweet poetic music together...  Happy April - Happy PAD Challenge - Adieu - until next April or next Wednesday - happy poeming ....

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