Tuesday, April 14, 2015

PAD - Day 14 Morning Honesty Poem 2. - Honestly and Morning Dishonesty

Morning Honesty - Honestly

Since I was a small small child
I have crept to morning mirror
steeled for the soul croned and
unrecognizable - expecting the 
ravaged reflection of my self stolen 
as I slept -replaced with old woman
unrecognizable yet at last inevitably -
relentlessly here , coldly appraising 
requiring immediate total abnegation 
Yet as years tumble on -each morning 
metamorphosis anticipated -approach
with a deep breath and courage  there 
that mirror waits -with unclenched eyes 
I soon to be vanquished sister queen of
of fairy tale anguish - steel and looks -
and see with twinkled-mischief behind 
the mirror -that same familiar face wink
back at me -With a rush of rippling relief - 
Surprise! -She is still there, here, with me- 
smiling at such dear familiar foolish fear -  
all is well - all the same - she is here - 
at least until tomorrow - 
nothing to do but smile 


Morning Dishonesty 

Rush from the bed feet firm-bam
onto the floor, into the shower
out through the door - Oh was 
 that a mirror there through
the steam - I did not even 
notice - never pay heed
nor thought to my mien  

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  1. Huh. Don't know where my comments went...
    My favorite line was "unclenched eyes." Also love that "twinkled-mischief behind the mirror."