Thursday, April 16, 2015

PAD - Day 16 - Science Poem - Science Speaks -Dad Dies


Science Speaks -Dad Dies 

Gathered in the bright lit room
glass walled sun streaming over
them - a flippin froze-family frieze 
smiling rictus grins as the surgeon
took his seat behind that wide desk
between them - with softly steepling 
fingers -strangle-slayed all possibility 
of prayers,  promises and pleas-as he 
spoke statistics - sonorously, reaching 
to flick the death illuminator switch to On
-his blank white wall igniting - Satan-scans 
sprung- stained indelibly -circled super orbs 
glowing relentless radioactive prognostication 
Odd how dark a bright-lit-sun-spilled-silent-room
can become cold - when science speaks its sentence. 


  1. Pearl, I think this is a shining poem among many great ones. It is special -- in conten and form. The combination of the harshness of the "sentence" and the softness of the feelings is so touching!