Monday, April 13, 2015

PAD - Day 13 - Confession Poem


I confess 
that I have
coveted the confessional –
dreamt of dark wood softly
sliding open in golden light 
embracing my secret sins – 
offering exculpated oblivation
for those tugs of conscience - 
little Jewish girl 
who dreamt the
peace of nunneries
and the comfort of
confident belief -
in the opening
covenant curtained 
ark- the peal of one 
clear –chime, that 
heady swirl of sweet 
incense and the swaying 
sea of skull-capped tide. 
I confess 
that I have
forever coveted the
confessional that 
would grant absolution
to me - would-be 
fervent believer-
small questioner of 
the grand-all 


  1. Love 'softly
    sliding open in golden light' .....the confession always facilitates being, our life, helps to see clearly around ....feel a compassion to others... xx

  2. I suspect that the things we covet are the most elusive things of all...