Tuesday, April 14, 2015

PAD- Day 13 - Honest-Dishonest Poem 2. - She Was A Believer


She Was A Believer 
He told her all those things that young men with black
hair falling across steaming eyes say when they want to -
He told her she had stars in her eyes, her hair was silk
wound through his hands that would caress, cherish, protect 
and love - a poetic passionate –promissary note pressed
under a canopy of flowers smiling straight into her eyes -
She believed it all
drank every syllable 
as honey 
plump simple bee 
 the Venus fly-trap 
luring her with love 
holding her by the vows –
Venus fly-trap pulsing,
choking life from love –
as she lingered 
far too long-swallowed 
by his rage-

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