Saturday, April 4, 2015

PAD Day 4- 3 Secret Poem (s)


Mom’s Secret Love

once I had a secret love
it lived within the heart of me
my mother sang loud and
stunningly off-key – I learned
the words long before I was
three – long long before the
import that the product of
that rolling-in-the-summer-
surf-secret-love-song was
me far far from figuratively


I never fell in love with
secrets - be they those
well intentioned folks
waiting in dark rooms
to pounce on friends
for some occasion-or
a state papering over
blood on the walls of
hallowed halls in favor
of some so-called good
greater than truth - All
blend hushed unspoken
sibilancy shuttering the
light of truth - creating
a twisted bonsai version
of the tree of life unable
to spread, to soar free
and unfettered - I never
fell in love with secrets
their seduction fleeting
and priced far too high

The Neighbor

I barely knew her
the young woman
next door who
knocked softly
urgently to ask
if I would, if I
could cover for
her, should her
husband call me
I did not know her
well enough to lose
her friendship - not
well enough to keep
the secret that she had
left unwanted stinking on
my doorstep, where each
day I needed to walk on as
though I was did not see it

lying there.

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