Friday, April 17, 2015

PAD - Day 17 - Swing poem -Swing Low - Sweet Chariot

Swing Low - Sweet Chariot 

Swing low -
Sweet chariot 
Speaks the spiritual - 
"White horses a'coming 
as written - "fore to carry me home"
Sat on his bedside and sang to him
as he had taught me as a little snuggled-girl
when he did the carrying  - sang through that 
night until distant hoofbeats brought day - the surreal tip
of an angel wing washing white-light brilliant and blinding 
I blinked.  Sudden silence spilled - but for a faint wispy whir -
wings, hooves pawing clouds, and that chariot - stirring a soft 
shimmering breeze as he lay - already left - a smile on his pillow 

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