Wednesday, April 22, 2015

PAD - Day 22 - Nature Poem 5. - Nature Lover



Whisper my soul
lick this body, wet
dry -whip-wind my hair
in your hands – lift me above
to craggy peaks then drop me
leagues below-raise me into aqua-
marine sun-shoot me in a blur of snow-
rainbow – throw me on the purple desert
Ravish me in color, touch, taste, scent, sound
and senseless, finally, bury me into velvet earth
Tend me there gently - until I burst as a single blossom
blowing in the breath of a yet to be whispered-tomorrow


  1. Replies
    1. Awww thank you De - it was a crazy day and this one came to me just as I was going to call it a night. I am delighted that you enjoyed :)

  2. On the "official site" a glaring error ... which I addressed as follows:

    Hahaha … Spell check humbles my purple poetics once again landing me in a grape delectable rather than the DESERT – I intended… such is the nature of things…