Tuesday, April 14, 2015

PAD - Day 14 - Honest/Dishonest Poem 3. - An "Honest" Opinion

An "Honest" Opinion 

There is a time
when one does not realize
that mothers too have
feelings that can be hurt.
It is a misty time not many years
from the water of the womb
still wet with the mystery of
one’s own tears
It was in this time
that mother wore
her new sundress
-white with small
flowers it swirled
about her long tan
legs – She was not
one for dresses or
earrings – and yet
that summer night
the new dress swirled and
earrings shone like diamond
daisies white as her smile –
Oh how she smiled –
until a friend-
her friend
Wit Woman
stopped by
told her that
she looked
ridiculous –
she laughed
and the little girl
marveled at her mother-
for a quick instant hit
by the honed point of mis-
placed honesty hitting its
mark - tearing a ragged hole
in the till then somnolent
mist-as that awakened child
peered through the gape- Seeing
the summer smile fall to the floor
along with a white dress and
the conclusive crystal clatter
of dropped daisy earrings 


  1. Poignant. I know this feeling from a parent and a teacher's perspective. Often we are set aside, not a regular person. I remember a student who gaped in wonder as he saw me purchasing toilet paper in the store. Asked what we were going to do with that in school, and I said, "No, it's for me at home!" His eyes grew big as saucers. HA!

  2. So beautiful written AND such a touching story.

  3. Love the narrative -- as viewed through the eyes of a child. The innocence that encounters the ways of the world...