Sunday, April 26, 2015

PAD -Day 24 Moment poem 2 - Summer Surprise

Summer Surprise 
He hovered hotly above her
gasping for permission to
go where none other had 
Three others had pleaded
painful pitiful pantings -
They were good boys -
they always asked -
and she - shunning that
awful tease title -apologetic
for the state she started said
- "Well yes go ahead"-
knowing they would not.
Nothing ever got out of
or into hand. 
They were good boys -
their mothers and hers
swam at the same pool
shopped at the same stores
they knew one another - back
then in that small community
of identical ticky-tac houses
and shared sensibilities ...
Good girls did not. Ever.
Everyone knew the rules
saving that super of all
superlatives. Everyone knew
their lines - sometimes tangled
but never crossed 
She was a good girl with a
bad girl's body - that hot hot
summer - of The Lifeguard.
He did not come from there.
He did ask.
He did not stop.
She was surprised.
In that swift moment after -
summer breeze on her thighs
sea salt on her lips in his shack-
she wondered - why all the fuss -
and where the panting came from.

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