Tuesday, April 1, 2014

PAD - Day 1. Two for Tuesday - Write a "beginings and endings poem" - 1 + 3

That first cry bouncing on porcelain walls
First note of the concerto that crescendos
rushing so often to a seried sigh
and all between shimmered glimmering,



Heated kleig lit nights
of flung bedcovers to the floor
fold in time to crisp sheets
still cool in soft morning light
as they lie as two letters
slipped neatly into an
envelope together


Where and When

She holds one chubby hand
on each parchment cheek
and stares eye to eye
“where did I begin?”
she asks sparkling
a giggle waiting to tumble
“where do I end?”
Grandma says
eyes fading soft
one feels the velvet
fingers pressing
the other the lips lifting
both share the smile
slipping into a kiss


Good Morning

Feel a little like George Bailey
rushing up and down the street
shouting “hallo” Benjamin Thomas
“hallo” Chev –
“hallo” Michele –
Running up and down the street
faces and figures and fantasies
past and present whirling as I
run with a grin that won’t quit
even as I see the end coming
as it always does


  1. Awesome, Pearl!
    Happy April! :)


  2. These are excellent, as always Pearl...love "Where and When" the most, especially "where do I end?" Did you notice that Walt's established a page over at Creative Bloomings where poets can post what they're doing elsewhere for this month? Kind of generous and a cool idea...I'm taking advantage of it!
    Here's the link in case you're interested: http://poeticbloomings.com/april-poetry-month-2014/

  3. I love your poems, Pearl: from your heart to the hearts of your readers...

    1. Thank you Nurit - so very very sweet (and a nice rhyme too-lol)